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Default Re: Unused WWAN slot - 11-15-2008, 01:29 PM

I don't understand monetary conversions at all. Trying to order one of these, I put it in the cart and let it figure shipping then went to PayPal to pay and PayPal's conversion made it about 17 cents but kept bumping it back to the Hungarian site. Finally saw the button to show in US Dollars on the Hungarian site and it said $166. Am I just a moron?
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Default Re: Unused WWAN slot - 11-15-2008, 05:47 PM

Originally Posted by tonygoodchild
So now a question, if that card is going to be used does that prevent the internal USB mod from working? (ignoring the physical space issues of where a device might go if that card is in there). I would really like to get a second drive in there if it could be squeezed in - I am going to order a larger SSD this weekend. As I have to provide tech support on 4 different platforms I am going to try (note the word try :lol: ) and get a quad boot system going between XP, Vista, Mac OS and Linux and would ideally like a separate common drive for storing documents.
you may be better of running all of those systems in VMWare. it will help a little bit with space because you won't have to partition the drive 4 times and it will make everything a whole lot easier when not having to deal with bootloaders. not to mention having OS X be on its required GUID partition scheme while everything else wants MBR.

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Default Re: Unused WWAN slot - 11-15-2008, 09:26 PM

mostlyharmless, it is $166. I think the problem when you see it in the page is that they used the Hungarian numeric notation. So while we say it would be 35,800 HUF the site is using 35.800 and I think PayPal is seeing that as a decimal point by mistake during its conversion so you see $0.17. When you get to the final checkout it will show it at the correct price. I had the same with my order.

17c could be the deal of the century!

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