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Default Inevitable upgrades - 04-11-2012, 08:06 PM

It's taken me close to three years before really wanting to do any mods on my mini, but the warranty is gone and the time has come.
For right now, this is just my list and plan, but I would appreciate any thoughts/feedback.

Base: Mini 9 with webcam & bluetooth
16GB SuperTalent (other than win7 updates, size isn't an issue)
2GB Gskill ram w/heatspreader
MyDigitalDiscount 6 cell extended battery

What I would like to add:
4-port USB hub
-22x14x3mm (photo for size)
Taimeta GD-1201 gps
-smaller than the Canmore GT-730F used in the guide though I haven't gotten it out of its case yet to check thickness
-worked the first time with a lock in about 10min and a test piece of plastic only effected the signal a little
-listed as 100mAh, 5v
PCTV HD Mini 80e TV Tuner
-Custom nested fractal antenna made of enamled wire, and hopefully mounted behind the lcd
-Will try to extend the built-in IR to a better location
-Will take the most experimentation and might not work
-By default, can play SD content, but lags on HD content without the BCM70015
-500mAh, 3.3/5v?
-dual antenna
-plan is to directly solder two tyco antennas onto the contacts that the current mounts are on
-500mAh 3.3/5v?
Macbook Pro IR reciever
-Plan is to follow kancept's path and try to use it in win 7 (need driver)
-Will try it externally to test first
-Only if the TV tuner works and I can't extend the built-in IR
Broadcom Crystal HD BCM70015
-Half-height card
US-International Keyboard U061H

Currently, with the 3 usb dongles on the hub (don't have the IR yet), it seems that there's not enough power available, but just the two 500mAh dongles work together so far. That at least agrees with the fact that I can run a 2.5" external hdd (1 amp) off of a single port.
To get around this issue, I will need to use two separate sources. From what I've read, there's four open internally: two 5v and two 3.3v
-Scrape beneath WLAN card-5v
-Webcam-3.3v (why are all the forum-hosted images blank now?)

I'll have to trace/experiment to see if the two 5v spots are actually separate. If they're not, then I can put a small dip switch on the positive leads for as many devices as I can fit (in order of TV tuner, gps, wifi, IR). I could also replace the wifi with a low-powered nano-sized dongle (EW-7811Un), which could either be internal or external at that point.

I know that there's a lot here, but I would greatly appreciate it if anyone looked over my whole plan here and commented as much as they'd want.

Thank you

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Default 06-02-2012, 10:35 AM

...I know that there's a lot here.......
You can say that again. Having said that, I am eagerly awaiting for any comment and suggestions.
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Default 07-07-2012, 10:47 AM

Me too! I can't wait to see what you achieve with your mods.
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