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Default Battery Replacement Story and Fix - 11-07-2011, 05:00 AM

I thought I’d share what happened to me regarding a new replacement battery.

I have A04 Bios, 2GB Ram, and Snow Leopard 10.6.7 installed. Runs really well.
I had an OEM battery in a Mini9 that wouldn’t charge.
This wasn’t a problem using my Mini at home but I also commute by train sometimes so wanted to be able to use it off AC power.

I bought an 8 cell replacement which seemed like a good idea at the time.
Once I received it, I swapped it over with the OEM one and started up the mini. The disco lights kicked in (power and battery lights flashing alternately) and got the message saying it was an unrecognised battery hit F1 to continue.

Wasn't happy but I left it in there whilst was working that day.

I took it out and replaced the old flat OEM one back in and was going to send the 8 cell back but went on holiday for 5 weeks.

Came back and used the Mini for another 3 weekswhen my OEM battery starts doing the 'disco lights'

I wasn't that bothered because I was only using at home but had a thought that if it was going to flash constantly I might as well raise the keyboard with the 8 cell battery that hadn’t worked......I replaced it whist OSX was running.

The lights stopped flashing and I thought it was strange. The battery percent was showing at 83%.
I carried on working and then noticed that it went to 84%. Thinking wtf is going on here? I let it charge to 100% and shut down the mini9.
When I started it up, there was no message stating it was an unrecognised battery and once I was in the OS I unplugged the power cable.
It carried on working and I let it drain to 1% before recharging it.

Since then I have used it both on AC and battery only and I can’t believe it’s still working. I am pretty happy as I can get rid of the Windows Netbook now for the commute.

So the lesson here is if you add a replacement battery and it states it is unrecognised,you may still be able to use it by adding it after you are in the OS
Point to note: I did not at any time do anything with my firmware, always the same A04

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