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Default USB Hubs for internal installs: comparison and discussion - 12-20-2008, 02:31 PM

I have a couple of questions to throw out to our membership regarding USB hubs intended for internal mounting within our netbooks. There's an increasing number of folks installing them, and of course I'd like to do my own as well.

The subject raises some questions that I thought I'd share in hopes of getting a useful dialog going:

1) Is there any advantage to hooking up all four lines from each device to the ports on the hub as opposed to only using the hub for the data lines? Each device would be getting it's own power directly from a central source in this case.

(I think a USB hub is supposed to be able to regulate power to USB devices based on the device's need. If this is correct then using the hub for power might help battery life,(although it means more wiring) and leads to my next question.)

2) Is any way to compare USB hubs to see how they compare for things like how well they lend themselves to internal mounting (and where), power efficiency, reliability, and such?

If you've installed an internal USB hub it would be great to hear about things like which design, what brand you used, how you wired it and such.

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Default Re: USB Hubs for internal installs: comparison and discussion - 12-22-2008, 05:16 AM

I'd be very interested in more specifics about this too... I found a really small hub, and I also connect all four lines from the hub to each device (allowing the hub to provide power to my USB drives).

I haven't encountered any problems with this, and I did it mostly for aesthetics. The lines were there, and I had a ribbon cable that was the correct gauge for my work. (I really should take some pics and post them.) Keeping them all together allowed the ribbons to be trimmed to the same length.

There is no noticeable power-draw from my hub and 2 internal thumbdrives.

Now, to go find open the mini back up for some pictures...

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