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Default Remapping the keyboard - 10-06-2008, 03:12 PM

I was incredibly unhappy with how the layout was on the keyboard. Thus, I decided to remap some keys: ... n-910.html

Let me know what you think. I'm just a lowly paramedic so my grammar and English may falter at points...
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Default Re: Remapping the keyboard - 10-25-2008, 01:55 PM

Thanks for the link medicThree... you have helped with my sanity .. .I love the mini9, but as a fast typist it was proving big issue not having the ' where I was used to it being... your pics were a great help too...

what I did find though was that when I dowloaded the Microsoft file... there a help file (under the start menu),
in the folder: Microsoft Keyboard Layout creator it puts the .exe and the help file..

anyway, because I won't remember what I did, and may want to put it back how it was... I wrote it down step by step...
now I don't have the screen shots and great pics you have on your webpage... ... n-910.html

but here's my list of what I did to swap the ' and the ;

The keyboard mapper program is called the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (MSKLC) Version 1.3.4073 ... laylang=en

* dowload the file
* run the exe
* start menu / programs to access the Keyboard file
* press the key you want to change (for me it was the apostrophe ' key)
* press ENTER
* then press the key you want it to become (for me it was the
(otherwise find / work out the unicode and it can be typed in)
* click OK
{then I needed to make the ; the ' by...
{* press the ; key
{* press ENTER
{* then press '
{click OK

when you are finished making all of your changes/swaps
* go to FILE menu click SAVE SOURCE
* warning box appears "The name, description, language properties should be reviewed prior to performing this action, would you like to do this?"
* click YES
* in the name field... give your keyboard an 8 character name
* in the description field.. give you keyboard a name (this is what will appear in the dropdown menu when you look for it later).
* in the company name field .. enter a name or any data (it can't be blank)
* click OK
* file name box appears... type in a filename (it will have a .klc extension)
* click SAVE (your project is now saved)
* go to Project TAB click on BUILD DLL and SETUP PACKAGE
* you may bet a warning box "Verification succeeded, but with warnings.... would you like to see the log... " click YES
OR ... you may just get a message asking "would you like to open this directory?"
* click YES
* DOUBLE CLICK on the .msi file (the name you saved as 8 characters in the name field above).
* a dialogue box will briefly appear saying INSTALLED

now a new keyboard layout is stored in the list of keyboards available.
* a language bar may appear either floating on the desktop or by
right clicking on the task bar (blue bar near the start menu button), then click on TOOLBARS and then LANGUAGE BAR to open it.
* you will now have a keyboard icon on the task bar (or it may float)
* on the settings tab of the language bar
* click ADD to add the new layout
* from the drop down menu KEYBOARD LAYOUT/IME: select the keyboard you saved (it's the description field you filled in earlier).. if you didn't change the description it will default to US Custom
*click OK
* you now have 2 keyboards installed

and you now have 2 choices...
delete the keyboard layout you don't want or leave both installed and use the language toolbar to select the one you want when you want...

========= To remove the one you don't want...
* in the box to the left of the add button.. click on the keyboard you don't want (ie the original one)and click REMOVE
* if you are removing the keyboard default with the system... you will then get a warning "Could not remove the current keyboard because it is in use it will be removed next time you reboot" - click OK

========= To have both keyboard layouts on your system and change between the two via the language bar...
* right click on the TASK BAR (the blue bar that's in line with the start menu)
* left click on TOOLBARS
* left click on LANGUAGE BAR
* you will now have an icon of a keyboard on your task bar
*left click on the keyboard icon on the taskbar and select the keyboard layout you want.
I hope this helps someone else... I am now very happy that the apostrophe is back where it should be...
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