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Default 09-23-2009, 11:30 PM

Originally Posted by st8ofmi9d View Post
I received this drive and now I want to install it. What's the best way to transfer the data? (Running Ubuntu) Can I mirror directly to a SD card or USB drive, boot off the SD card or USB drive and then mirror to the new SSD? If I can't boot off the mirror of the drive, can I boot off a ubuntu USB startup drive and then copy the mirror from a SD card or USB disk to the new SSD? Which mirroring software should I use?

When I get a new drive, I like starting with a fresh install. So, I backup "/home" off the old drive. Then I install fresh on the new drive, and then copy over select files and directories from the backup of "/home". "apt-get" or any other package manager makes it pretty easy to reinstall any programs.

I might generate a drive image too, but only as a last-resort backup. To generate a drive image, here's the general procedure that I'd use. First, boot off a Linux LiveCD or LiveUSB. Then generate a drive image using a terminal command like "sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/media/external/drive.img" (I'm assuming a USB hard drive is mounted at "/media/external").

In theory, you could save the image file to the same drive that you booted off, but LiveCD/USB systems generally won't have that ability.

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I grabbed the same card from NewEgg this week for $49.99 (had a one-time free shipping code). It's definitely worth it! My Mini does feel like it's running a little warmer than the 4GB, but it's a COMPLETELY new machine- talk about fast!!

I just went with a full new Ubuntu 9.04 install...was up and running (with additional installs) within 2 hours! I didn't go crazy, as I'm going to install Windows 7 next month...
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Default 09-26-2009, 10:49 PM

How do these compare to RunCore of the same size?
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