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Default WinXp and iTunes probs...Soundcard drivers bad? - 07-12-2009, 01:04 AM

I consider myself extremely technical in the Windows world...My Dell Mini 9 with XP Home and 1 gig of RAM sometimes seems to choke with iTunes...

I am simply using iTunes 8.0.x on my netbook to stream wirelessly from my upstairs desktop...over a wireless G network with excellent signal coverage. Every few songs the song stumbles...not quite a skip but similar. And after several hours, I get some kind of buffer problem iTunes message (sorry I should have written it down)...yet the netbook never moves so it didn't lose the wireless connection and I even confirm it is still "excellent".

I have tried adjusting the Buffer on iTunes and I have confirmed that I do not have any unnecessary or intensive Windows tasks running. All that is installed on the Mini is iTunes, Firefox, and Macrium Reflect. Not even antivirus.

So this may simply be that iTunes stinks at streaming (they are only 192k mp3 files which are under 6MB per file so how difficult can it be to stream that?!)...or it could be the CPU on this Mini is not that great...or some kind of mix and maybe even because of only 1gig of ram. Task Manager shows the pc barely breathing...CPU is averaging 6% utilization, 600MB of available ram out of 1gig installed, less than 30 processes running.


1)Any suggestions to fix this iTunes issue?
2)If I install 2gig, will XP get upset and make me re-register/activate?

The iTunes setup I have is quite sweet...but when it starts to skip/stumble, it's quite disappointing that in 2009 something this simple does not work flawlessly.

Thanks in advance for advice!


p.s. I may try an external usb hard drive soon with iTunes...if that works flawlessly, then it may not be a CPU or memory issue.
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Default 07-17-2009, 05:25 PM

I have my mp3s on a 16GB HCSD card in the memory card reader that I play through iTunes and I never had this issue. I also upgraded to 2GB of RAM but it sounds like the internet connection is your issue
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Default Update Realtek Drivers? - 01-02-2010, 11:38 PM

Well, I've been dealing with this issue since I don't use my Mini9 day and night.

I have a portable USB drive and run my music off it now with iTunes and I have the same problem. Uggg.

I have watched Task Manager and I really don't see any issues...CPU hovers around 17% usage...every blue moon (3-4 mins) a spike to 35% (by the Idle Task ironically)...there is nothing running other than iTunes and iTunes Helper and a few background MS Windows stuff. No antivirus or web clients or anything.

This happens every few songs and again, the song kind of slows for 1/10th of a second or even a's very similar to a cheap soundcard that fails to play the Windows startup or shutdown jingle nicely...

So...I took a look at the RealTek drivers on my Dell Mini9 and they are not as current as the Oct 2008 drivers. Now, I am a techie but I hate updating drivers just for a random shot in the dark of solving a problem....the Realtek driver update does not list what was fixed/enhanced.

My question now goes out to all you folks: Have you experienced this sound playback issue AND updated to the October 2008 Realtek drivers and found the drive update worked? Or did you update other drivers?

The Dell support site states there are a few updates such as Chipset but again, I'm not a fan of just updating for the sake of blind tests. I still have the 1GB ram on the machine and when iTunes is running there's about 700MB free if I am correct. I know iTunes is not a lightweight application.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


p.s. I may try using Winamp (my favorite mp3 player since 1997) but even if it works, I would lose all the Playlist functionality of iTunes that I love.
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