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Default Keyboard issue - 'sticky' key, even if not pressed! - 06-18-2009, 09:03 AM

I've tried searching the forum and Google in general, but I can't find anyone else discussing the same problem that I have.

More or less since I got my Dell Mini 9, most times that I pressed the 'F' key, the 'D' key would also register. It was annoying, but not a show-stopper. I just assumed it was a physical keyboard problem and I'd get round to getting it fixed when I was less busy.

The problem has got worse now (more keys surrounding the 'D' give the same response), and I've noticed new symptoms and narrowed the problem down a bit. When I first open the lid and bring the laptop out of standby, if I touch my finger to the keyboard (more or less anywhere) - even without pressing a button down - I will get a string of 'ddddd' in the login box. The problem becomes less pronounced the longer the machine is turned on until it gets to the point where I get one extra 'D' for each press on the 'F' key (plus a couple of other keys, but only sometimes).

I'm guessing some kind of static build-up is to blame. Any ideas, anyone?

I'm in the middle of a course which requires certain software to be installed. I don't want to try and transfer everything to a spare laptop, which means I won't be able to return this to Dell until September at the earliest (if that's what's required), so anything I can do myself would be a big bonus.

Thanks for reading this far!

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Default 06-18-2009, 01:18 PM

You need to call Dell and ask for a replacement keyboard. It's easy to swap out. They should send you one for free (once you return the old one.)

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Default Keyboard replacement - 06-19-2009, 12:22 PM

Hi I have a Lattitude D620 (dual core, plenty of ram, etc.) and had problems with the keyboard in late 2008. One, or maybe two keys failed the DELL hardware test (on one of the CDs). These keys were continually signaling that they were being pressed and this created total havoc of the OS of the laptop. After having suffered the woes of thinking I had a virus problem, it was decided that the keyboard was indeed the cause. Luckily, I was on a professional three-year guarantee and the package for the new keyboard arrived the morning following my call to the support site (DELL France). It took a while, but the replacement was 'fairly' easy, because you want to do it carefully. Following the replacement, the repair was fine and I am actually typing on it now.

Addendum : I in fact did a full install of the OS after that and my laptop is really zippy - I must have inadvertently removed some unnecessary and greedy software.
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