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Default Why SSD? - 04-16-2009, 02:59 PM

Why hasn't anyone put a hard drive in the mini? Is this impossible? For the price, you get much more storage on a hard drive than an SSD.

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Default Re: Why SSD? - 04-16-2009, 03:04 PM

Because it doesn't support mechanical hard drives. It was designed for a MiniPCIe SSD card.

Getting an iPad
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Default Re: Why SSD? - 04-16-2009, 04:00 PM

Every file I own is less than 40gb on my desktop. Although I have MS office installed on my 16gb hd (as well as Adobe acrobat), I have 8gb left. I use a 8gb sdhc card for my docs and music files (only using 1gb right now, mostly music) it is apparent that I don't need a bunch of applications I don't use and don't make much in way of files. The mini is my travel companion and is used mostly for surfing the internet and answering e-mails.
The SSD is quiet, fast, and rugged. I am not sure if it uses less power (I assume as it doesn't have moving parts like HD), but the mini doesn't have/need a fan which is quieter and uses less power (even if infantismally less). So the cost and limited space is worth it to me. I am not bothered by limited lifespan either (10,000 writes, I think) old does hardware get before it is considered ancient anyway? I think of computer and music storage devices (12 inch then 5 inch then 1.4mb), zip drives, 8-tracks, and cassettes....none of these had more than 15 years of promenent use....but if new sd cards can go to 1Tb and decent ssds improve quality, increase size and drop in price, the disk type Hard Drive is dead....I can't wait for CDs and dvds to go too.
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Default Re: Why SSD? - 04-16-2009, 06:03 PM

You could just about jam a 1.8" HDD in there, but those are pretty slow, and it would involve making your own DIY breakout board (or buying a mini-PIC-e > ZIF board, shaving down the casing to make room, and adding in a zif-pata converter, all of which would take up a lot of room). And there may be issues powering a HDD.
Technically possible, but not easy and probably not that practical unless you need more than 128GB of space but absolutely can't buy an external drive.
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