Dell Mini 9 Hardware Issues / Problems Inform everyone on any issues or problems with your Dell Mini 9 hardware.

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Post Mini 9 + OS X -- Jumpy/Sticky Mouse - 03-30-2009, 08:49 PM

I type11'd my Mini, and it's been quite the rollercoaster ride of hacking fun. I haven't had this much fun messing with angry software since my early Linux days, before them confounded South Africans released Ubuntu and took away all my fun.

I have run into an issue I've only seemed to find mentioned once elsewhere. From the moment the pointer appeared on the screen, before and after I installed the 'two finger scroll' option with the script, my track pad has been very unresponsive and jumpy. Sometimes, I can just tilt my finger around in a circle and make the pointer do precise little loops, but other times, I'll flick the mouse into the corner of the screen to activate something and when I draw my finger back in the other direction, I can go all the way across the pad and the pointer won't move a single pixel. If I lift my finger up and put it back down, it works.

Also, and this actually was both before and after the two finger scroll drivers as well: moving the pointer inside any scrollable area is a gamble. When I use two fingers, it sometimes scrolls and doesn't . . . and when I use only a single finger, it sometimes scrolls and sometimes doesn't!

Somebody else had one symptom I have had, which is that it seems as though there's a 'dead spot' in the center of the trackpad. If you start from one side and drag your finger all the way to the other, the pointer 'catches' when your finger hits the center of the pad. Some people may call hardware foul, but in Ubuntu, the trackpad has worked and still works beautifully. Interestingly, when I go into System Preferences and then in Mouse and Keyboard, there aren't any panels for mouse configuration whatsoever, so I haven't been able to change any options.

I'm mostly just baffled at what to even try. If anybody has any ideas or any threads or articles I should read, I'd be happy to. Thanks in advance for your help!
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Default Re: Mini 9 + OS X -- Jumpy/Sticky Mouse - 03-31-2009, 08:55 AM

I have the exact same problem with my Hackintosh. I used a couple different files I downloaded from this forum and another trying to get the side scroll to work on my Mini, and none of it seemed to work. I left the 2fingerscroll installed, but every time I either close and reopen the lid, or put the Mini to sleep and wake it up, the cursor/mouse just seems to be clicking everything about 1000x/min. If I press escape, it stops.

I would really like a fix for this too. Even better, a 2fingerscroll that works!! Am I the only one that can't figure out the 2fingerscroll thing?? All I want is for the right side of the touchpad to be able to scroll pages up and down!!

Also, on a sidenote, I installed DoubleCommand based on a referral on this forum, and there's nothing in there to remap the ALT key to a usable mac key... Am I missing something??
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Default Re: Mini 9 + OS X -- Jumpy/Sticky Mouse - 04-03-2009, 03:17 AM

I'd honestly be happy just to have a mouse that follows my finger across the entire trackpad every time I try . . .
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Default Re: Mini 9 + OS X -- Jumpy/Sticky Mouse - 04-12-2009, 05:30 AM

These sound like isolated hardware related problems.
Many of us are running osx at this point without tracking problems.

To be sure:
1) make sure your bios is at A04, legacy support disabled.
2) Delete your dsdt file and reboot
3) Re-install DellEFI 1.1 using the custom options: Re-install Dell Mini 9 extensions and Create custom DSDT file. Do NOT select the 2 Finger scroll method.

After all that, your trackpad should work smooth and normal as it would in Ubuntu or Windows. If you still have problems at that point, i would send it in to Dell, there are a couple people with similar problems and it turned out to be the trackpad itself was bad.

If it fixes your problems and you wish to get 2 finger scrolling, there is a new trackpad driver that has been written by meklort that finally allows 2 finger scrolling without any additional problems now

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