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Default installing OS / reformatting - 02-22-2009, 09:28 PM


I hope I started this in the right topic of this forum, i also searched thru many threads b4 starting this one
I was hoping I could find a solution w/o driving everyone mad by starting a new thread of something that exsits.

Ok I have a Dell Mini 9
with 16GB HD
Win XP

I was reformatting because I had used a program that corrupted my registry and since the dell mini is small i just chose to reformat, I have 2 other Dell laptops A dell xps Gen 2 and Dell 1100 so reinstalling the OS is very easy for me to do and done it so many times....

My Problem is with the "asms" file not found or needed to complete installation
for some reason its not finding this file and I have done everything, I have re-started the install several times to be sure I made no mistakes
its is being booted from my external cd/dvd player (one that dell offered with this mini)
I have deleted the partition and created a new one
I have changed the USB ports to see if that may be it and I have changed the USB cable to see if that was it..
I made sure all cables were plugged in good and the disc was clean of smudges
I did the the "shift + F10" and type in command box "regedit.exe" and its not found so I cant do the fix offered by Microsoft
I even grabbed a disc that I have of XP Home Edition from my XPS laptop that I know worked on that computer when I did a reinstall on that laptop just over a week ago and still got the same question "asms" needed
I called dell and tried a few commands that they told me to use in the box that pops up Like "d:" or "C\\"
neither worked but the D: seemed to do something then the player just quit

Im thinking its something with the external player not communication with the mini but why at that point of the installation
and if the cd is corrupted or missing a file then why did my XPS install many times over the years perfect with the same cd I tried on my mini ?

Dell is sending a new HD preinstalled and they suggested I just remove the crapware lol when it arrives
which is fine I will replace it but my issue is not solved bc if I ever have to fix this again bc of a virus or boot issue
am i going to have this problem again and again, they are sending a new winxp disc but i think that the one i have is fine...

If anyone has had this problem with ASMS file needed during install of OS please let me know what you did to fix it

im sorry for the long winded post but I thought it might help to put all the steps I did so you know where im at

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Default Re: installing OS / reformatting - 02-22-2009, 10:16 PM

well I just replaced it with d:\i386 and it worked but now i get a msg it needs file NT5.CAT

if anyone has the answer please let me know
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Default Re: installing OS / reformatting - 02-22-2009, 10:43 PM

in case anyone needs the solution just keep putting d:\i386 for all the files it says it needs during install and it will work fine .... finally solved this issue and now dell has a new HD on the way to me lol
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