Dell Mini 9 Hardware Issues / Problems Inform everyone on any issues or problems with your Dell Mini 9 hardware.

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Default Did I kill my battery? - 11-13-2010, 05:16 PM

A friend had a mini 9 and got the "No Operating System Found" message. I am a tech and made sure it really was a dead SSD and not corruption. Anyway, she ended up just purchasing a new Dell mini 1018. For my effort, she gave me the mini 9.

I didn't get the power cord because she said it was broken or something. Anyway, I found an HP 19v adapter that powered it. The connector firmly attached to the middle post, but was a little loose on the collar.

I updated the Bios from A00 to A06, left it plugged in and went out for dinner.

When I got back I found that white and orange lights flashing back and forth and during reboots states that the battery is unknown and it will not charge it. After booting into Ubuntu 10.10 liveCD, the battery app lists battery manufacturer, serial, full/designed/current capacities, etc. Seems like some messages are getting through. Downgraded back to A00, disconnected the coin battery, and cleared the EEPROM via utility... all with no effect. The only time the battery light is a solid amber is during the BIOS flash itself. BTW... it functions as expected with the battery removed.

The mini was sitting for quite a while before it was given to me. Wanna take guesses what is wrong? My thoughts are....

1) Killed charge controller with loose AC adapter plug
2) Killed battery with loose AC adapter plug
3) Battery already had problem, but started to exhibit after first long term charge after sitting around for a while.
4) Mobo already had a problem and that is why the SSD died in the first place.

I don't have another mini 9 to do part swaps on, so I am left to guessing. Would really hate to buy a battery for an old mini and find that it is the mobo. Any other things I should try?
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Cool 11-13-2010, 06:07 PM

I think that the battery is shot, maybe ebay or check the for sale section on this forum for a Mini 9 for parts....might be worth investing a couple bucks being as where you got it for free anyway

PS. Welcome to the forum...

UPDATE: then again after re-reading your post more carefully... you are correct, it could be the mobo too....

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Default 11-13-2010, 10:45 PM

Appreciate the sanity check, and the link. Thanks!
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Default 11-16-2010, 07:23 PM

I found my answer!

I talked with the original owner and found that the battery I had issues with was not the original. It was a 3rd party replacement. In fact, it was purchased in July thinking she could get rid of the SSD problems with the replacement battery. She brought in her original battery and it worked fine.

A little more looking and I found that I flashed Vostro A00, which is Mini 9 A01 not Mini 9 A00. I flashed Mini 9 A00, and the the 3rd party battery worked just fine.

So no problems.... except that I can only use A00 with the 3rd party battery. FYI.. the battery is "Dr. Battery LDE228" purchased from Battery Depot. I'm going to contact both of them and see if they can do anything.

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