Dell Mini 9 Hardware Issues / Problems Inform everyone on any issues or problems with your Dell Mini 9 hardware.

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Default Vostro a90 SSD failed...again. - 05-26-2010, 10:20 PM

This is the second time that I've had an SSD fail on me with my netbook. I'm getting tired of it.

I have a Vostro a90 with a 32GB STEC SSD. I installed Ubuntu 9.04 on it for a while. Then I dual-booted that and XP for a while. Then I decided I would try Windows Vista Ultimate Lite on it. It worked totally fine for a long time. Then, out of nowhere, when I took the computer out of sleep, it began to act very strange. It was slowing down and giving me an intermittent error. I rebooted, and the computer reported that operating system wasn't found.

I reported this issue to Dell, and they sent me a replacement SSD. It arrived last Friday. I installed it that day, and reinstalled Vista. Today, it did the same thing. I returned it from sleep mode, and it began to slow down to a complete hang. I knew what was coming. I rebooted, and sure enough, the operating system was not found.

Now, I'm wondering, because of the conditions, could this be a software issue? The BIOS reports that the SSD is the correct size, so I don't think it's dead. Both times the SSD failed was when I took the netbook out of standby, but on the previous install, I did that tons of times, and it never halted or did anything weird. If it is a software issue, can it be remedied? Is this a common problem with Vista and the Vostro a90 and/or Dell Mini 9? Or is this more likely a hardware issue?

Dell is sending me a cardboard coffin in a few days so I can send it in for check-up and repair. For now, I'm going to try and install something else on it to see if there's any improvement or difference.

Any suggestions as to what this problem could be?
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Default 05-27-2010, 02:05 AM

If the BIOS is seeing it, chances are it is software-related. Try another version of Windows, or Ubuntu Netbook Remix (which is pretty cool).

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