Dell Mini 9 Hardware Issues / Problems Inform everyone on any issues or problems with your Dell Mini 9 hardware.

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Default 11-03-2010, 02:35 AM

To follow up on this, I was able to edit the crisdisk.bat file replacing "A" drive references with "G" (appropriate for my computer). I then ran wincris.bat. It did copy the 3 files onto my pen drive but also gave an error message re incompatibility with windows 64bit. It did, though, then say "wincris disk successfully completed" - or something like that.
I then followed the instructions of plugging the disk into the Dell Mini, holding Fn B and plugging in the power. On trying on one of the USB ports I get the one-long beep, 2 short beeps. Nothing happens though.
I'm not sure whether using a 64 bit machine to create the disk is the problem or the Dell Mini has problems beyond the BIOS issue.
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Default 12-05-2010, 11:38 PM

Originally Posted by fbyte View Post
If you don't want to play with the Linux and dd, I found a Windows version of the Phoenix critdisk.bat tool that allows you to directly create a recovery flash disk using a USB stick (instead of the floppy)

The "trick" is that the boot in the recovery disk is kind of special, it loads the MINIDOS.SYS file which is the one that would execute the PHFLASH16.EXE and load the BIOS.WPH.

Just run WINCRIS.EXE, leave the default values and press "start", it would create a bootable (recovery) usb disk.

I've add the latest A05 bios to the zip file, so it would give you the Fx function keys (if it works)

saved my dell, many thanks
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Default 12-18-2010, 01:37 AM

Originally Posted by Magill View Post
Hi there,
I am having trouble running wincris.exe to create the USB recovery disk. When I click on wincris.exe the message "Warning, there are no removable devices in the system. Please plug in the device and try again." appears. I have tried with 2 different USB pen drives but get the same error. I think there is a suggestion elsewhere in this thread to edit the wincris.bat in a cmd line but I would need a precise step-by-step tutorial to figure that out. Thanks for any help.
BTW I'm running W7 64bit on the machine that I'm trying to create the recovery disk on (also tried on a Vista 32bit machine).
right-click on exe
select Properties
click on compatability tab
select XP service pack 2
select run as administrator

ran for me in 7x64

trying to use the result now. doesn't seem to be working
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Default Awesome!!!! - 12-18-2010, 01:07 PM

Just when I was about to give up, I found this thread, and voila problem solved. It took a few attempts. The pen-drive only worked on the USB that is on the left closest to the front, I have no idea why. I am so glad to have this little thing back as I going on vacation and love it for travel. I guess the IPad will wait!
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Default 01-08-2011, 08:29 AM

!! EPIC! I had shut down my desktop and called it a night (it's 3:00am), but I booted back up to tell you guys THANK YOU! Finally, it's alive again.

So here's my tale, in hopes that it'll help someone out there. This particular mini 9 was my sibling's, and it bit the dust after a bath in orange juice. I ordered/installed a new keyboard for it today, but the battery still wouldn't hold a charge. I didn't know the condition of the computer before I received it (except that it was wet, and pulpy), so I didn't know if the battery was dead b/c of the OJ or not. Forums seemed to indicate that the battery problem was a BIOS issue rather than a hardware one, so I decided to (try to) upgrade from A04 to A06 using Dell's utility. As many of you have experienced, that little experiment bricks the laptop. The mini 9 had the latest Ubuntu Netbook Edition on it, and my desktop has Win7/Ubuntu 10.04.

I tried nigh-everything I could find to resurrect the laptop, but my flash drives and BIOS resets just weren't effective. Fbyte, thank you a ton for your help, but I believe I tried every possible permutation of flash drive/USB port/Filesystem/BIOS version with your method without success. I tried fosk's method (link: Dell Mini 9 USB pendrive recovery from failed BIOS flash |! 2.0) originally, followed by a couple other methods, then fbyte's method about 30 times, then fosk's again.. some critical combination of steps seemed to have just made it work.

The important bits seem to be:
- if you're using fbyte's method with Win7, change the compatibility of wincris.bat to Windows XP (I used SP3 when I did this) and change the drive letter of the USB key to A: so .bat knows where to find it. (Do this with the Computer Management utility accessible through the Start Menu search bar.)

- format your flash drive as FAT (FAT32 didn't work for me -- this was the last thing I changed, so I know this for a fact).

- be patient with the process.. when I booted the mini 9 with my fingers on Fn + B, it beeped once and was silent until it was done, 10-15 mins later. The flash drive that succeeded was a 2Gb SanDisk Cruzer Micro. In the (many) cases it failed, the cruzer stayed a constant glow; in the successful case, it flickered twice after I released Fn + B, then stayed constant. A subtle difference, but worth noting because if your drive doesn't flicker, chances are it won't work.

- with fosk's method, MAKE SURE the files actually copy (dd essentially means "duplicate disk") to the flash drive. With fbyte's method, the .bat file didn't always copy the files. Don't know why.. might have been a permission issue.

- I used the USB port closest to the Caps-Lock key on the left side of the computer. The port next to Tab didn't elicit a glow from my flash drive's LED. The right-side USB port (away from the power cord) I think would have worked, but wasn't the winner.

Anyway, enough. I'll probably need a new battery after all, but I'll likely buy it directly from Dell. Thanks again for everyone's help!!
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Default 01-09-2011, 03:31 AM

I tried to run wincris.exe but evertime I try it, it says "Warning, there are no removable devices in this system! Please plug in the device and try again.

Any ideas what I have to do to make it work? I really want to unbrick my mini12
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Default 01-11-2011, 09:59 PM

just got it to work for me heres how i did it.
no joy AT ALL in windows 7 ultimate 64 bite, so i used xp mode (as in the virtual pc not the compatability option in properties, as this did not work for me) did the whole thing through that, the fat32 format and the running of the program.
then as requestedbattery and power out, plug usb in left side furthest away from the ac socket, fn and 8, power cord in, powewr button pressed, release fn&8 and within 60 seconds back to normal.
hope this helps someone
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Default 01-21-2011, 04:25 AM

Turns out that, even in compatibility mode Windows 7 64 bit didn't write anything to the pen drive at all (despite Wincris claiming it had) which, with one pen drive lead to a quick bleep a few flashes, then a steady light, and with another lead to a quick bleep a few flashes, and nothing.

So I dug out an old windowsxp machine and ran Wincris from that - SUCCESS!!

1. Plug drive usb slot nearest the power supply.
2. Hold down Fn + B
3. Plug in power
4 See flash and bleep
5. Press power button
6. Release Fn + B
7. Wait for bleeping and flashing to finish and Dell to reboot.


I have fallen absolutely in love with this little machine and my heart BROKE when the bios bricked it!
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Default 04-11-2011, 04:20 PM

just want to share my experience also here:
i started w/ 2 flash drives & vista matter how hard i tried i couldn't make it work so i gave up.
went to my xp laptop & did mod CRISDISK.BAT file to change the drive letter to the specific drive that my usb flash shows up as when i plugged it in (it happened to be f. you have to do this in order to eliminate this error: "Warning, there are no removable devices in this system! Please plug in the device and try again."
so i did everything as fbyte instructed...but of course the 1st flash drive didn't like it since after i run the WINCRIS.EXE, the usb keeps on flashing like it still working. i got another flash drive & it worked like a charm. the only thing i found interesting is after the WINCRIS.EXE is done, you can open up the flash drive & there's nothing in it. but if you pull it out & stick it back in the computer, then the 3 files would show up.

the moment of truth. stuck it in the mini 9 & boot it up. the port that works for me is the 1 on the power cord side that's furthest away from it.
the time that it actually flashed the bios was when i did the fn + B hold down w/ plugging in the charger & turning on the mini 9. the flash drive would flash real quick then the comp starts up going through the post screen. then it went dark for a few secs. then the flash drive starts flashing along w/ the computer beeping on & off. it took prob 3-5mins to complete. (i actually thought it was bad when the computer kept on beeping cause i saw 1 of the posts here but that's not true at all).
at first (the times when it didn't work) it would start up w/ the usb drive doing a quick flash, then after the post screen, nothing else would go on. i waited & waited & finally decide to power down. i had to keep on messing around until i finally got it working...
it felt like i won the lottery...or solved world hunger or something.
hope this helps someone who keeps on thinking they're doing something wrong.
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Default 05-30-2011, 08:47 PM

i got the screen to finally initialize, but after the windows start up screen, there is nothin there can some help
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