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emerzen 04-09-2010 03:22 PM

blue tooth cable to ssd
first - thanks to all that have come before. great forum. I've upgraded to runcore 64 gb t style. Saw that with runcore usb / ata adapter that came with the new ssd, mini sees original -now external 8 gb- as an in non-removable drive. a good thing for pagefiles and various directories.

am looking to stick both 8 gb ssd and usb/ata adapter internally. Got the mod specd out and I've a way fit them in. Have read posts showing how to tap usb data off wwan and 5v off touch pad.

But it looks like bluetooth cable also plugs into usb port. Maybe worth the 19 bucks to buy bluetooth card and simply use the cable so I can avoid soldering on the MB.

sorry for the long post for a short Q: can you use bluetooth port to run an ssd?

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