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rickrich rickrich is offline
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Default 08-27-2009, 12:35 AM

I use it for geocaching in the car. I have a Canmore GT-730F USB GPS ($35 shipped) and gpsdrive (FREE) plus Ubuntu 8.04. Afterwards, I sit in a Dunn Bros coffee shop and use the Web for logging caches. Sometimes I play Absolute Poker at night.
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dirtymoney dirtymoney is offline
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Default 09-25-2009, 06:46 AM

I use mine mostly in my car. As a mobile net-browser & downloader (movies). I spend a lot of my work time in my vehicle. I have it hooked up to an external wifi antenna (a very powerfull wireless usb adaptor mounted in a metal mixing bowl.... which is hidden inside a cardboard box that sits on my rear deck). I also use a cheap cigarette plug adaptor I got off ebay for $8. I swtch between the battery & the cig power every hour or so.

Its my first netbook & its almost perfect for what I use it for (needs more storage capabilities though)
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erillanos erillanos is offline
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Default 09-26-2009, 10:06 AM

I use mine as my primary computer.
Stays on 24/7 connected to a 22 inch monitor.
Bluetooth mouse and with OSX.
Have never had a problem with it.
I have had it this was for about 5 months or more now.

Vostro A90 2GB RAM/16 GB SSD/16GB SDHC/0.3 Web Cam/Bluetooh/10.6.2/NBI 0.8.3/8-Cell battery
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Interloper Interloper is offline
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Default 09-28-2009, 01:34 AM

Runs OSX with VMware fusion that has runs a "Turbo edition" winXP(slipstreamed with lots removed to speed it up) that runs Visual Studio 2008 for schooling. Other than that, OSX gets me through my days of network administration on MS domains/servers/workstations.. Looking at the high cap batteries on Ebay to extend the use of a cable-less day. Also looking at the GPS mod here on the forums. I use a JB iphone with PDAnet for my network as I didn't see the option for the sim card for my mini9 when i ordered it.. cheers!
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Loreto Loreto is offline
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Default 09-28-2009, 09:03 AM

My Mini 9 has two uses... one as a great PDA where I store all my emails, appointments and notes and sync them to my cellphone via bluetooth and second and most important use is to check out network installation at client sites.

Concerning the second use, so far the Dell has paid for itself in full since most of the work is done in cramped condition where my previous notebooks kept on getting damaged; especially the hard disks which kept on failing from (mis)use.
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Swiftone Swiftone is offline
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Default 09-30-2009, 10:29 PM

I travel to Southern Africa so my Mini has dual use on the road -

I originally got the Mini 9 because of the SSD. Figured it would be a bit more durable being bounced around in bags and in cars.

How it is used:

First as a GPS - I have loaded Garmin nroute/South African maps and use a Garmin GPS 10X Bluetooth receiver. Works like a charm and using an iGo net book “go anywhere power unit” it is good for all day drives. (Or when I get lost)

Second it is used as a normal laptop on these trips – excel, word, and email. It is ideal for basic record keeping and editing documents.

I also have found it very handy to watch movies and download pictures taken by various members of my groups.

Prior to this set-up I had to drag around a full size notebook plus a map book. So…am I happy with my decision to go this route? Yes.
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Default 10-01-2009, 03:39 AM

I use mine for music and photos and carting work files around between home and studio. Great holiday computer for surfing round the world. Much lighter than my MacBook Pro and very nearly as good except where I need greater resolution and heavyweight graphic apps. Impressed my colleagues enough for them to get one, too. Spread the joy!

Mini 9| 2Gb RAM | 32Gb Kingspec | OS X 10.6.8 | 16Gb SDHC | webcam | BT | Wifi | NBI 0.8.4
MacBook Pro (Late 2007) | OSX 10.10.4
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