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Default Heat dissipation through keyboard - 06-17-2009, 08:45 PM

Has anyone peeled off the plastic protective sheet from the back of the keyboard? Strange question I know. I was looking at the keyboard today and said what the heck I'll peel it off and see if the unit runs any cooler...and see if the keyboard has any adverse heat effects while in use.

Yes I know that is sheet is for protective purposes such as spills and foreign objects. I work in IT and am very anal about having clean peripherals so I am not eating over top any of my keyboards giving the chance for crumbs and liquid to get in there. I clean my equipment pretty regularly so not having this backing doesn't mean the internals will fill with junk and stay there...I will dust it out as I would normally.

My mini seems to get warm (relative term) just sitting on the couch at night surfing and I'm scared that I may be damaging the swimmers... LOL
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Default 06-17-2009, 09:30 PM

I've read at least one article about laptop heat being bad for "the swimmers." I've found a National Geographic magazine is the perfect size to sit under the Mini and allow for air flow--and protect my swimmers!

I'll be curious to see if you notice a difference in temp.

Keep us posted.


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Default 06-19-2009, 12:49 AM

i need to cut myself a small board or find a book/mag as you suggested. I'm using the mini now and the keyboard is definitely warm...up to 108F in some areas according to my infrared thermometer! That being said I am making work pretty hard at the moment LOL. OSX as the OS currently have firefox and adium well as parallels running XP in a virtual machine that is repairing a desktop hard drive connected via usb...oh and the virtual xp machine is also running off a microsd usb reader...and the machine is still usable! A little laggy here and there but nothing major memory is split 1gb/1gb when virtual xp is going.

And now the mini is not on my lap at the moment or my swimmers would be boiled!

Will report back after some every day use again. I had thought about putting the plastic back on but cutting sections out to sort of divert the heat. Possibly cutting away the plastic above and below the home row keys where the fingers would be resting the most when on the keyboard....I don't know..
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