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Default 06-03-2009, 10:09 PM

I have had a video playback issue, that I have fixed nearly 80% by switching browsers... i contribute this to selecting the smalled SSD possible because I planned to upgrade as soon as I got it... and now the Super Talent vs. Runcore debate has stopped me from picking up an SSD until someone can report out a little more about the new Super Talents.

However, my question wasn't meant to suggest that the mini 9 was a bad choice, but given the decision by Dell, is it smarter to think about one of the 10's for me. Also, I asked this in the 9 forum to get the hardcore users opinion. I don't want to drop $200 on a (if proprietary was the wrong word, then) less frequently used SSD size which represents 2/3 of the pruchase price of the mini without a little feed back from the 9 community that its worth it because the other options suck at this point.

Honestly, a little bigger keyboard and HD screen and the video accelorator on the 10 would be nice bonuses, but the RAM is a total deal breaker and the ability to open and swap out system components really suck.

Thus, I am looking for feedback.
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Default 06-04-2009, 08:55 AM

the 9's keyboard you adjust to rather quick, and being as portable as it is- you'll find yourself using it allot. Really the hd on any smaller screen im not so sure about. I had an xps m1530 full hi def tru life and honestly prefer this 9 over it. (i dont game). everything on the 9 is perfect (to me), except that i'm more an more convinced the stock ssd is junk. I have a runcore and love it. So far so good.
I love the ability to mod it so easily (planning on moving my external verizon usb to internal and have removed my wifi....allot of room in there now to play with).
- really if i were you, i'd get a aftermarket ssd, max the ram (2g) and get the os you want up and running....then give the keyboard a little while and see what you really think. worste case, if you don't like it....with dell discontinuing it.... as long as you don't do any crazy mods yet, sell it.
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Default 06-07-2009, 10:23 PM

If you're not getting the mini9 you'd be better served with another netbook brand. Asus 1000he is a good option with 8.5hr battery life and a slightly faster cpu (can be found for ~350). It gets the heightened battery life from the "EPU" feature that turns off unused capacitors and a fairly large battery.

more on epu: ASUS EPU 6 vs. MSI DrMOS vs. GIGABYTE DES Advanced Introduction :: TweakTown

All that aside, the Mini9 getting discontinued doesn't make it obsolete and it's likely you're just having buyer's regret. If you like the mini9, keep it, if it's too small, not enough space, etc, return it and get what you want. I was going to get the 1000he (until i found a mini9 for $170) and that's what I'd recommend for an alternative.

I also picked up a 32gb Supertalent for $67 but there's plenty of smaller drives on ebay/online stores for much less than $200

Onyx Mini9 32gb/1gb/1.3mp/XPh/BT/leather case +>600 movies on my home server through
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