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Default Re: Vostro A90 Part numbers - 04-25-2009, 11:12 PM

I just called and tried to order:
  • M017J Palmrest assembly[/*:m:3qgf0z13]
  • N059J Black Bezel[/*:m:3qgf0z13]
  • U061H Keyboard,66,US-INTL[/*:m:3qgf0z13]
  • J613H Wireless blue tooth module[/*:m:3qgf0z13]

I didn't even make it past M017J, the CSR couldn't grasp the concept of me ordering parts for a Vostro A90 even though I have a Mini 9. After she asked me for my Mini 9 service tag and I told her that the M017J is a Vostro A90 palmrest, she told me that she could sell me a new Mini 9 palmrest for $345.99....$145.99 more than I paid for the entire Mini 9. I told her that I was interested solely in M017J and she suggested that I buy a Mini 10 instead. Then when she found out that I have a Preferred Account, she tried to sell me a 42" LCD TV. I know that they're probably required to try and sell stuff but, seriously? I'm looking for a specific part, I'm willing to buy that part, I even have the part number....

I'm going to try sending emails to the CSRs listed in the "How To: Add Dell OEM Bluetooth And/Or Webcam Modules" thread:


We'll see what happens. If anyone has any luck, let me know. I'd imagine that the part numbers would be the same here in the US as they are in other parts of the world, and I'd imagine that the parts should be available now that the Vostro A90 is available in the US.

I chatted with a CSR via the Dell Chat and he said that M017J and N059J are currently out of stock. He took my phone number and email address and said he would submit my request to order the parts and let me know when they are in stock.
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TerminalSobriety TerminalSobriety is offline
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Default Re: Vostro A90 Part numbers - 05-01-2009, 08:12 AM

Has anyone else tried getting these parts? I'm really interested in making my mini 9 stealth
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Default Re: Vostro A90 Part numbers - 05-01-2009, 12:33 PM

First, thank all of you for all the good info you have. Just received my 3rd Mini 9 and have all the parts ordered to make it a fun toy.

I have managed to order the “M017J Palmrest assembly (include touchpad, touchpad cable, power button) ASSY,PLMRST,PLSTC,IMR,BLK,A90 0 0 1 Yes 1” 3 or 4 days ago. The shipment has been delayed twice now. I just hope it does not get canceled.

The problem has been “N059J BZL, LCD, BLK, 8.9, W/CMRA, A90”. Some reps can give you a description from the P/N so I know it is in some system somewhere but none are able to sell it. Most can not even find it.

All calls were under business on a Customer Number that has ordered parts before so I know I should be able to get the part, is available.

Every rep claims to be able to find the correct part if I could provide them a Service Tag for the A90. So until the A90 has a little more time on the market or someone is willing to post their Service Tag number I am stumped.

My Mini family:
Black Mini 9, Runcore 32 SSD, 2GB Ram, 1.3 Cam, BT, 16GB Class 6 SDHC: Ubuntu 9.04
White Mini 9, Runcore 32 SSD, 2GB Ram, 1.3 Cam, BT: Ubuntu 8.04
White Mini 9, Runcore 32 SSD, 2GB Ram, 1.3 Cam, BT, 16GB Class 6 SDHC: OSX
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Rob928 Rob928 is offline
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Default 05-28-2009, 11:55 PM

I was able to order M017J, Palmrest but unable to order N059J. They even looked up my Vostro's service tag and said it wasn't available for order.

But I also tried to order the U061H keyboard, but they couldn't get it for me either.

It was 14.99 for the palmrest - much cheaper than the palmrest price for a Mini 9.

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sq3rjick sq3rjick is offline
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Default 05-29-2009, 06:17 AM

The best thing to do is to simply call again and hope for a better rep. It took me four different tries to get the international keyboard ordered for my A90. The first one couldn't find it, the second one could but refused to sell a mini 9 part for a vostro a90, and the third tried to order it but said it was currently out of stock. The fourth person was much more efficient; I read off the part number, she confirmed my address and payment info, and then she gave me the completed order number with an expected delivery date of June 5th. If one person won't sell you the parts you want without a hassle, just call back and try with another one.
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efenili efenili is offline
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Default 06-03-2009, 03:48 AM

So any updates here? Would like to order parts :P haha

On that note, I was hoping anyone with a Vostro A90 could give me/us the service tag # to order parts from?

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hybridsolidr hybridsolidr is offline
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Default 06-03-2009, 08:46 AM

I too tried to order M017J (Palmrest) but was unable to order N059J. They said it was out of stock, not even backordered.

If someone can somehow order N059J please let me know. I want to get this done before all stock is gone now that the Mini 9 is discontinued.
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MacFrugal MacFrugal is offline
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Default 06-03-2009, 03:48 PM

How much is the palmrest assembly?

Also, can the touchpad be ordered by itself?
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efenili efenili is offline
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Default 06-04-2009, 09:05 PM

I imagine the devices run from 15-30 bucks. But could be wrong

I believe the trackpad is part of the palmrest so you cant really just order that part
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jfrank jfrank is offline
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Default 06-05-2009, 02:48 AM

Has anyone found where to get the palmrest or bezel?
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