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Default Mini 9 good for school? - 11-14-2008, 11:57 PM

New to the forum..I thought I'd ask those who have the mini 9 for advice. I've been looking at this netbook for a while but haven't made a decision on whether to get the Mini 9, or the Inspiron 13. I have a desktop so I don't need to download heavy apps. I would just use to 9 for research/web browsing, Messenger (Yahoo and MSN), and Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc). I'm a college student, so this would be used mainly for course work. Is the mini good for what I need it for? Or am I better off with the 13?
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Default Re: Mini 9 good for school? - 11-15-2008, 12:07 AM

I think this would be perfect for you. That is what I use my Mini for (well, not school, the web/Office/chat) and it continually impresses. Plus, it'll fit nicely on a school desk and give you decent battery life.

Good luck as you choose.


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Default Re: Mini 9 good for school? - 11-15-2008, 01:01 AM

As much as I like my Mini 9 I could not recommend it for school if you do heavy typing. My hands are small and I still have a hard time getting any speed going on the mini keyboard. Just remember there is a difference between netbooks and laptops performance wise. Screen and keyboard size aside the mini is more of a "large screen" PDA IMHO, not a laptop replacement. Also a larger laptop is going to have better battery life. If your classrooms aren't full of power outlets this could be a challenge.

That said I've been carrying mine to work and the coffee shop for a week. in lieu of my three year old MacBookPro, and I'm generally I am not wanting surfing, e-mailing, IMing. It is not the size of the electronics it is what you do with it
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Default Re: Mini 9 good for school? - 11-15-2008, 01:38 AM

I have a 20" iMac at home attached to a 24" Monitor and I bought a MacBook Air for the exact purpose you are thinking of the Mini. The Air is a nice machine believe me. But with Limited Wifi Range and a shorter than needed battery life, and overall a large size, it was not meeting my needs.

I just got this Dell and put OS X on it and for my purposes of writing papers, researching, and general chatting, it is 100% better. It has better wifi range and a slightly better battery. With the SSD it boots faster than the Air, but the Atom processor isn't quite as powerful as the Core2Duo. However, with the smaller size (although much thicker than any Mac Laptop) lighter weight, better Airport range, better battery life, cooler running, no fan, etc. The Dell meets my needs perfectly and I will probably put the Air up for sale soon.

Oh and I am studying Industrial Design at San Francisco State University

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Hollywoodyeah Hollywoodyeah is offline
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Default Re: Mini 9 good for school? - 11-15-2008, 03:01 AM

No, the screen / keyboard is too small.
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Default Re: Mini 9 good for school? - 11-15-2008, 03:17 AM

Jeffburg thanks for letting me kno about the Mac. I was considering that as well but with the Christmas season coming up I won't be able to fork out the bills for it. However sometime mid next year I'll be checking out what's new in store..I'm sure by then Apple will have already made a new product.

The keyboard has been my main concern. Not so much the size of the keys as it is the placement of some of them. The screen I can deal with considering I browse the web, text, email, and IM on my sidekick lx. I'm sure since I'm not bothered by the LX's tiny screen, a 9" screen most definitely won't annoy me.

I guess I'll eventually find out soon how its working for me. I type 65+ wpm so if my typing speed drops below half when I'm trying to do my reports..It's going back! Thank you all for your suggestions. I hope this works for me!
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Default Re: Mini 9 good for school? - 11-15-2008, 03:46 AM

The Mini 9 would be great for a student; even more so if it is a secondary PC. I hauI mine all over the place as a connectivity machine and a data gatherer. I never got interested in keeping my laptops with me like I do with the little guy. It is like comparing a large, single lens reflex camera to a pocket size camera. When I go somewhere to take photos, the SLR is the right tool. However, if I'm off on a trip and want to be sure I can have a camera available, but not in my way, my little Canon Powershot is the better tool.

A couple days ago I shut down one of my desktop PCs at my office. I plopped the Mini 9 out of my attache and set it next to the PC. I moved the cables over from the desktop for my monitor, keyboard, mouse, network, and external backup hard drive. I proceeded to work as usual, and I quickly forgot I was even using the Mini 9; it was just another PC. Yesterday I did a PowerPoint presentation for 50 employees with the Mini 9 connected to a ceiling mounted DLP projector displaying on a 10' diagonal screen. No one suspected there was anything mini about the source.

I can't type on the Mini 9's keyboard with the same speed and accuracy as on one of my larger laptops, but I can type a lot faster than to write field notes and then enter it at my desk later. I expect this device will change the way I work in a manner similar to when I got my first PDA. I wish I had a netbook when I was a student.
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Default Re: Mini 9 good for school? - 11-15-2008, 10:26 AM

I use it for school on a regular basis and the Mini 9 really is a great machine for light-weight apps.

It does take some getting used to the keyboard, at first it is very hard to type normally, but over time it gets easier.

The battery life is very good, I haven't used the Mini non-stop until the battery died, but using programs like Microsoft Office and web Browsing you should be able to get at least 3 hours worth, and of course you can buy another battery if you like.

The machine is extremely portable, even with a skin or case. With 3 USB slots it's very much suited for another other gadgets you want add onto it.

Dell Mini 9 - 64GB Runcore - 2GB RAM - Windows 7 - 16GB SD - Jolicloud Beta
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Default Re: Mini 9 good for school? - 11-15-2008, 01:20 PM

IMO, the keyboard is OKAY at best if your hands are constantly on it. However, if you switch between writing (for drawing diagrams or you just don't want to leave your hands on the keyboard,) it takes quite a long time to put your hands back on the home keys properly and begin typing...

I sold my mini 9, because I don't really find the portability that useful for my purposes. I'm fine with a 10" or 12".
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Default Re: Mini 9 good for school? - 11-15-2008, 10:20 PM

I think as a portable device you can't beat the Mini 9.

I have just installed Office 2007, blackberry desktop and will be loading Itunes..with an external HDD for all storage it works fine.

The small size means it will fit in a small bag and can be taken anywhere

Dell Mini 9: Black, WinXP, 1GB RAM, 8GB SSD, Vodafone 3G Built in (This is cool). 250GB USB HDD, 4GB SD Card. ITunes, Office 2007, Blackberry Desktop software.
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