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Default help me set up my dell mini(or vostro a90) - 05-09-2009, 08:22 PM

Hi there, I ordered the vostro a90 $199 deal last month and it should be arriving any day now- I want to get everything ready by the time it does and I wanted to ask you guys to guide me.

Basically, I want to turn my dell mini into my "life device"- have absolutely everything on it.

First, I'd like to order a nice slot-loading, usb-powered, low-profile DVD burner to go along with it

Second, I want to use it as my TV set- I have a TV at home but I want to sell it and buy a 24" monitor with speakers and use it as a TV by hooking up my Mini and a USB tv-tuner with cable-in(for digital cable) and normal OTA signal(where do I buy this?)

2 questions there, 24" monitors are usually 1920x1080, will the mini be able to display that resolution? will it be able to display the TV signal its receiving also or should I get a lower res (1680x1050, 1366x768) monitor? I'll also be using this monitor for gaming on the x360

In the case that I kept my TV, can the Mini display COMPOSITE signal through its VGA port? If I buy a vga->composite cable, will it display on my SDTV?

Also- I have a spare AC adapter from an insipiron 1525 laptop I had- will it work on my mini?

I'm sorry for asking whats probably been answered but I've looked around already and there's way too many threads with too many replies.

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Default Re: help me set up my dell mini(or vostro a90) - 05-09-2009, 08:30 PM

I wouldn't recommend using a Mini 9 for push video to a large flat panel. There just isn't enough horses to decode OTA HD broadcasts and you will encounter issues. If you keep to SD broadcasts you should be OK.

The VGA port is VGA only. You'll need a scan converter of some sort to connect it to composite, not a simple cable.

Getting an iPad
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Default Re: help me set up my dell mini(or vostro a90) - 05-09-2009, 10:01 PM

For the price of a 24" monitor and a TV card you could get a 24" TV with a tuner and not have to use your computer?
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