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Default all the things possible with a 8gb ssd... - 05-01-2009, 10:21 AM

i have a mini 9 with 8gb ssd. i was thinking of buy a bigger ssd but at the moment I haven't the money... so I like to now what are the things that are possible to do for all which own a 8gb mini 9. for example is possible to install windows vista or 7?
thanks for any help!!

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Default Re: all the things possible with a 8gb ssd... - 05-01-2009, 12:14 PM

i've heard on the 7 board here at the forum, that people have had success loading build 7100 of 7 without having to modify the installation.

i can post my own experience tonight as my 2gb of ram coming, i'll be loading 7 on my mini9 with an 8gb ssd.

after its installed you will need to clean up the installation, like removal of page file, disabling hibernation, removing the system restore file....

after you do these things we should wind up with about 2gb free i'm hoping.

you could also try the ubuntu 9.04 netbook remix...i'm thinking of giving it a go also to see how i like it

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Default Re: all the things possible with a 8gb ssd... - 05-01-2009, 12:20 PM

You can do whatever you want mate, as long as it's less than 8GB, windows 7 will install just about, and then they are many ways to reduce the size of your windows folder.

Personally i've got an 8GB drive from vodafone, and i'm perfectly happy with it.

I've got the deafuly windows XP installation, with office installed, i've run full updates, and then deleted all the service pack files, temp update files, IE7 update files etc. I setup a ramdrive and directed all temp, tmp and temp internet files there, Turned off hibination to free up another 2GB of space, optimised windows for performance.

I went and installed a few basic programs, like skype, firefox, Virtual CD drive, Div x, k lite codec pack, Adobe Reader etc.

Setup all my vpn connections for work

i use spotify for music, zattoo for TV, hula and bbc i player for other shows.

I've directed all my bbc i downloads and IE/firefox downloads to my 2GB SD card,

I then downloded about 50 games, mainly from the 90s: Red alert, Doom, Money Islands, Need for Speed II, Duke Nukem 3D, Alone in the Dark, Cannon Fodder, Galactix, System Shock 2, Quake, Wolvenstien, Captin Comic....... etc etc.

And to be honest, i'm perfectly happy, i've still got 1.5GB spare on my SSD, and i can do just about anything: connect to the internet anywhere using 3G, VPN into the office and RDC into Servers. Play an infint amount of music using spotify, stream a rediclous amount of free TV, and play an endless list of games. All on a system that is after optimizing incredibly responsive, and boots up in about 35 seconds.

I always planned to upgrade my SSD to a runcore 32GB, but for for the price, i need neither the extra speed it offers or the space. and on a system i got for free (well on a contract) i feel it defeats the point to spend £80 odd quid on it for a bit more space..

So you can do a lot with 8GB really
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