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Arrow Re: 10 MB Linux on Dell Mini 9 (Tiny Core Linux) - 05-01-2009, 07:12 AM

Yo, thanks for the feedback my peepz.

I feel a little embarrassed that my enthusiasm for Tiny Core Linux betrayed my ignorance of other Linux distros, especially Slitaz 2.0. It seems that Tiny Core Linux is the "minimal" install of the already tiny Slitaz. But Slitaz has recently released a final version that works on the Mini out of the box.

I admit I used to be slightly prejudiced against nerdcore posers at school yakking how they ran BSD on their toasters, and these same *nix/Linux disciples sucked at programming and math. I never really found out what they did with their open source operating systems other than learning how infinitely better Linux is than proprietary systems, and this was during the wee days of Linux when they had to use WINE because there was virtually no decent alternative to then-available Windows apps.

Anyway, that has changed. As far as Internet Security is concerned:

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Default Re: 10 MB Linux on Dell Mini 9 (Tiny Core Linux) - 05-01-2009, 01:24 PM

I agree; SliTaz is awesome. I have it installed on a 500mb partition on my Mini 9 as a secondary OS. The only thing that doesn't work is sound, so if anyone has a tip on how to get that working...?

It is an exciting time to be a Linux user. There are some really innovative distros out there. (Including tiny core linux, to keep it on topic.)
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Default Re: 10 MB Linux on Dell Mini 9 (Tiny Core Linux) - 05-03-2009, 09:44 PM

beef burgundy.

To install tiny core linux on an Ubuntu'd Mini 9, edit
your /boot/grub/menu.lst

to say

title tinycore
root (hd0,1)
kernel /boot/bzImage base waitusb=5 noswap vga=ask
initrd /boot/tinycore.gz
Don't remove anything from menu.lst -- the above is a new
stanza added to it. I sandwich mine between two existing

See below for instrux on how to populate /boot with the files spec'd above.

Boot to a grub prompt (not sure about chicken/egg problem;
stock system needs an edit of menu.lst to do this easily).


root (hd0,1)
setup (hd0)

(or use 'quit' if doing this from within Ubuntu, if
that's how you are talking to Grub).
*/boot must already be populated with
kernel and initrd files to exec the above
grub commands correctly.

Those are zero's (not the letter O) next to 'hd' ..
hd0, not hdO.

hd0,1 means 2nd partition of first drive. hd0 is
the first drive. hd0,1 is it's 2nd partition (same
partition as /dev/sda2 in Ubuntu).

You have now been hit with the clue stick. The rest
of this post is so much tongue-wagging on my part
and may be avoided without penalty.


You need what follows (see below) as a prerequisite to
what has already been outlined (see above). This is
background information and is provided to you to cover
a contingency: where the task of extracting the tinycore
iso to your /boot directory has become an unsolved
puzzle to you.

To get the files out of the iso:

0. Boot into Ubuntu as usual. Get a shell (Gnome Terminal).
1. Copy the iso file to some location on the SDD (anywhere you like).
Copy the md5sum file. Check the iso's md5sum.

$ cd /some/path
$ cp   -p   /another/path/tinycore_1.4.iso   .  
$ cp   -p   /another/path/tinycore_1.4.iso.md5.txt   .  
$ md5sum   tinycore_1.4.iso
73e3d01e410241cabc08439d728273ae  tinycore_1.4.iso
$ cat   tinycore_1.4.iso.md5.txt
73e3d01e410241cabc08439d728273ae  tinycore_1.4.iso
2. Become root, adjust the shell prompt. Locate where you are.

$ sudo   su
longprompt#   export   PS1="# "
# pwd
3. Verify mounts so you'll notice what's new when the iso is
successfully mounted in a later step.

# df
Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda2              3555040   3004896    366488  90% /
udev                    512460        44    512416   1% /dev
4. Mount the iso on /mnt. Verify there is a new mount present.

# mount   ./tinycore_1.4.iso   /mnt  -o  loop
# df
Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda2              3555040   3004896    366488  90% /
udev                    512460        44    512416   1% /dev
                         10428     10428         0 100% /mnt
5. Navigate to the target structure (/boot hierarchy). Make a temp dir there
to receive the files gained out of the newly mounted iso.

# cd /boot
# mkdir tmp.d
# cd tmp.d
6a. Copy the tinycore linux kernel (bzImage), initrd
filesystem image file (tinycore.gz), and the isolinux
hierarchy (not required but useful someday, so do
it) to the target temporary directory (/boot/tmp.d).

# cp   -pR   /mnt/boot   .
6b. umount /mnt (it is no longer needed).

# df
# sync
# sync
# umount /mnt
# df
This (immediately above) is an important step and
was overlooked when this article was initially posted. -tetonca

7. cd into the new structure, verify the path to it, list the
contents of it, and sync the copy twice, to flush the
buffer to disk.

# cd boot
# pwd
# ls
# sync
# sync
8. Verify where you are. Look carefully at where you want the
files to go to (so that you don't overwrite anything named the

# pwd
# cd ../../
# ls
9. Use cp to deposit the tinycore linux files in the target
directory (usually /boot is used to store these files).
Use mv to move the isolinux structure there as well.

Use your preferred method. Below is shown one of
several ways to do the same thing.

# pwd
# cp   -p   ./tmp.d/boot/bz*   .
# cp   -p   ./tmp.d/boot/tiny*   .
# mv   ./tmp.d/boot/isolinux   .
10. Verify the new files in /boot

# cd   /boot
# md5sum   *   | egrep   "bzImage|tinycore"
4ecd6bda2ad535ff5978bebc354b321b  bzImage
md5sum: isolinux: Is a directory
96b684d2e775354ead99988c7a325707  tinycore.gz
11. Compare against the older copy you sourced earlier:

# md5sum   ./tmp.d/boot/*
4ecd6bda2ad535ff5978bebc354b321b  ./tmp.d/boot/bzImage
md5sum: ./tmp.d/boot/isolinux: Is a directory
96b684d2e775354ead99988c7a325707  ./tmp.d/boot/tinycore.gz

# pwd
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