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Default Re: Snow Leopard - Will it work? - 04-24-2009, 02:51 AM

Originally Posted by mostro
Definitely. I'd imagine the more senior developers know more as they need to hit roadmaps and give demos to the C-level ppl. Fair enough, glad to hear it's sounding good so far.

But it's still fun to speculate! I don' t know if I agree w/ the poster above about the announcement at WWDC, I'm thinking its further off and the big news at WWDC will be a new iPhone iteration. Which, btw, I'm kind of betting on an "iPhone HD" with higher res. Matte aluminum body like the new notebooks, and a more squared off design. I have never actually owned one :lol: But that's just because I think they're going to try to spread out their big announcements which will bump their stock, good to always get a little boost right now when revenue postings are so low (down a bunch over this quarter last year, but not nearly as bad as MS's 6% drop!).

ok i'm officially rambling
I agree that there'll be a brand-new iPhone to go along with the iPhone 3.0 OS. They update about every year, and while they like to do their own reveal shows, they need to show off the new hardware and software working together, to really beat the Pre. (Look, they're on 1.0, we're on 3.0!) However, I can almost guarantee a WWDC developer preview, mostly because they did that with Leopard to some degree. It's the DEVELOPER conference, after all.

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Default Re: Snow Leopard - Will it work? - 04-24-2009, 04:23 AM

Originally Posted by NoahFuLing
Actually, I've been playing with 10.6 (my friend is an Apple Developer), and it runs MUCH faster on identical hardware than Leopard. On slower hardware, it runs about as fast as faster hardware with Leopard. They stripped out a LOT of old libraries and things, and it's much faster. If anything, it'll run faster on the Minis than Leopard (theoretically).

If you want, I could ask my friend how Snow Leopard would THEORETICALLY run on a Mini... *nudge nudge wink wink*

Well I stand corrected. And now I'm excited!!

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