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Default Dell Canada Rocks! - 04-16-2009, 06:57 PM

I just got my jade green mini-9 yesterday, and thought it was beautiful, and of course, cranked it up, and then couldn't log in to my wireless-g, no matter *what* I did...just wouldn't recognize wpa pwd...and so I immediately go into full blown nut mode, and start cursing Dell and my own stupidity for buying into the corporate+linux equation, which doesn't really work...and I start doing the telephone deal: 1st linksys: they're friendly, but won't touch linux...

Then Cox--my cable provider: same thing: Linux is like a dirty word: sorry, but can't help...finally, I give Dell a shot, after all, I just bought the thing: and Dell support, I immediately start getting the Indian call centers, which actually, are friendly enough, too, but ask what OS, and I say Linux, they transfer me to this number, where I wait, and wait, and wait, while listening to a recording of how to reboot linux...and an *hour* goes by, and I start up the chat line, where an Indian lady immediately responds in a very kindly apologetic way, and gives me the "ubuntu" number again...finally the number answers...and it's Dell *Europe*, and they say, they too, cannot help me, but give me Canonical, which gives me a recording for about ten minutes, and then says to "leave number, we'll call you back..." Right. I'm still I go thru it all again, by this time totally insane, and this time, again from India, to "recording of how to reboot linux" I get a *french* speaking I start whining in English...

And he switches to English, and it turns out I've got Dell in Canada, and he's supposed to give me U.S. number, but I"m all distraught, and he starts talking to me about how to reset my router on my Windows box, set it for *no* passwd, and if that works, then reset WPA: *that* worked, and now mini is fine...Linksys could have told me that, but...

But mostly, that guy reminded me that Dell is just the *hardware*, man, and that there really is a presumption that those of us that get Ubuntu, are going to use the forums, and get a grip on linux drivers and file management, and that Dell really isn't going to give us tutorials in linux usage....

I' ve had Ubuntu before, on machines I've built, and he's really right: most of the problems I've seen on here and the other forums are just newbie to linux problems, and I certainly had to get back into linux mode--once I could get online--and use the forums, rather than go crying to Dell every time something didn't work like I thought it should...

Ah, I thought it was kind of funny that Canada helped me out, when I've actually been sent home by immigration from Canada, at Vancouver airport, since in my youth I was bad bad boy, and those legal convictions ain't allowed...north of the border ;-)

Sorry for longwinded post, and thanks for the excellent help on here...and even though I'm not allowed in your country, thanks for the calming down and friendly advice from Dell Norte

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Default Re: Dell Canada Rocks! - 04-17-2009, 01:46 AM

Canadians are known for being helpful.

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