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Default Ubuntu Updates - 04-04-2009, 01:20 PM

I just got my Mini 9 last week with Ubuntu preloaded. My question is regarding the system updates for the mini. The mini seems to be missing many security related updates compared with regular Ubuntu 8.04. In particular, Firefox is currently at version 3.0.8 on my other Ubuntu computers (8.04) and this covers several security vulnerabilities since 3.0.5 which appears to be the current revision on the mini. I noticed that the Mini uses a different Ubuntu repository than regular Ubuntu. Is it normal for the patches to lag this far behind? I'm not really comfortable with so many missing security updates (I'm a Unix/network admin). Has anyone upgraded their mini using the normal Ubuntu repositories? Is there any danger is doing this?

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Default Re: Ubuntu Updates - 04-04-2009, 01:47 PM

With 'Dell-buntu' yes.

Your best bet is to download and install either 8.04 or 8.10 from -

And go from there. You will have to download or locate a few codecs - but it will be up to date with all the latest patches available. And you will have access to _all_ the different software packages available to the Ubuntu OS - not just the very few that Dell has seen fit to let you have.

I know it sounds harsh - but the promised (or inferred) support for the 8.04lts 'Dell' version never seems to have happened.

Installation is easy - and if you have any problems you can get help here or on the OS/Ubuntu forums

under the 'Dell Ubuntu Support' forum on the official Ubuntu boards.

Hope that helps.

Black Mini 10v | Win 7 - Ubuntu 9.10 dual boot
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Default Re: Ubuntu Updates - 04-04-2009, 03:59 PM

thanks for the reply. In case anyone else stumbles across this post, I found this thread in the unix/linux forum that dealt with most of my questions:
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Default Re: Ubuntu Updates - 04-07-2009, 10:08 PM

I would just like to chime in and also say that the best bet is to install a regular full version of Ubuntu and use that.
I have been running 8.10 on my Mini since I got it in January and I am really impressed as to how well it works.
There are a few tweaks to do, but they are all outlined in these forums. I would also suggest modifying the default Gnome interface so that you have a little more screen real estate to use.

Have fun!,
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Default Re: Ubuntu Updates - 04-07-2009, 10:54 PM

Just an FYI, they recently sent out an update for Firefox, now at 3.0.8. I haven't found anything on 8.10 I really needed, 8.04 works fine for me. I do hope that they update the dell repositories to 9.04 when it comes out. I hope they don't wait for the next long term release.
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