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Default Will this program help with screen-size issues? - 04-03-2009, 06:58 PM

Just browsing around and I saw this program:

The product page says:
SwitchRes is a little utility built around a menu extra that will allow you to switch the resolution of all your monitors. SwitchRes already incorporates features from the Monitor Resolution, Monitor BitDepth, and Video Mirroring Control Strip Modules bundled with your system.


-Create custom resolutions for using your Mac as a home theater, and plug into your HDTV.
-Create the custom resolutions needed to correclty use your MacMini in you car.
-Use a 1280x1024 resolution on an external monitor or video projector, on iMacs CRT or eMacs.
-Add 85Hz resolutions (or more!) on some badly detected monitors (eg: IIyama, etc.) where the OS only allows you to use 75Hz.
-Add only the resolutions that you need to the menu bar, and give them names that you can recognize quickly.
-Define settings for all your monitors in one set, and give them explicit names ("DVD", "Games")
-Let these settings be applied automatically when an application starts, and set back when the application ends.
-Save icons on your desktop automatically before a resolution change occurs, replace them after the change to an other saved position.
-Save positions and size of your windows, remember their position when you plug an external monitor, automatically back to the previous layout when you unplug the monitor.
-Rearrange your desktop icons on a grid, with finer precision than the Finder.
-SwitchResX can be scripted for resolutions and color depth changes. SwitchResX is even recordable: When it is running, every resolution change is automatically recorded in the script editor.
What do you think? Think this could help us use the screen better (of course on a mini running osx). It appears as though you can "force" higher resolutions, so wouldn't that be helpful for installing programs that require larger minimum resolutions?

Admittedly, I don't have my mini yet (still being built) and know next to nothing when compared to anyone here.

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