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Default Re: Your Dell Mini 9 Plane Experiences... - 03-26-2009, 11:04 PM

Just used my Mini 9 on a flight to SF (from Los Angeles).

I did notice the volume was lower than expected. I always use a pair of Shure Ec2 (I tihnk) earbuds. They are the in-ear, passive noise-cancelling type. (They are like having a pair of ear plugs in.)

When I listen to my iPod Nano (2G), I have the volume at less than 50% (30-40 in general).

As I was watching Iron Man, I had to up the volume to hear it well. I was using VLC player. This let me take the volume past 100%. I had it at about 130%. Not sure how it's increasing the volume. (It doesn't affect any of the volume properties.) But, that's what I had to take it to.

However, I didn't got through and see what all of the volume levels were set at. I just turned it up to what I needed in the player.

Doing a quick check now (I flew yesterday), my wave volume was only about 50%. You might check that.

Otherwise, I really enjoyed my mini 9 on the plane and in the airport. No problem when people recline in front of you. Keyboard is not RIGHT ON TOP OF YOU. So, it was a nice change of pace from traveling with my 15" Vaio boat anchor.

I couldn't believe how light my briefase is with the Mini inside! :mrgreen:
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Default Re: Your Dell Mini 9 Plane Experiences... - 03-27-2009, 03:23 AM

I don't have my Mini yet but I see a side topic about headphones and flying.

Headphones are one of my main hobbies (visit to see how serious a hobby it can be).

I can't more strongly recommend that one gets a pair of IEMs (Shure, Ultimate Ears, Etymotic, Westone, etc.) to use while flying. They fit into the ear with a tight seal and block out considerable amounts of ambient noise. Unlike active noise-cancelling headphones (Bose, among others), no battery is required and they will work well in situations where there isn't a constant background noise. Most of them will sound much better and be cheaper than Bose (depends).

Personally, I use Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10 Pro but am seriously thinking about saving for a set of UE's custom fit IEMs. You can also get USB DACs/Headphone Amps (but they will draw power from the USB port) if you really want to improve your listening experience. Meier's 3Move is always a good choice.

You can tell I'm serious when I'm talking about headphones that cost more than the Mini itself. Of course, I have an interconnect cable for my iPod to connect it to an exterior amp that costs almost as much as a 16GB nano. The amp cost more than my iPod Classic 160GB! I really am serious about my headphones.

Anyway, get yourself a decent set of IEMs if you plan to fly with your Mini. You will enjoy yourself very much more and your ears will thank you because you won't have to crank the volume. The rest of your body will thank you when it arrives less tired not having been subjected to the noises of an airliner cabin.

My Mini 9: Obsidian Black / OS X / 32GB STEC / 2GB HyperX / Bluetooth
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Default Re: Your Dell Mini 9 Plane Experiences... - 03-27-2009, 03:51 AM

I've used these earphones recently on a plane. The noise isolation was very good. And if you have a set of buds you like but want even more isolation, you can just buy the foam tips from them.

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Default Re: Your Dell Mini 9 Plane Experiences... - 03-27-2009, 04:26 AM

Anyway, get yourself a decent set of IEMs
BIG +1

a couple years ago I began using a set of Sure E2C (nice cheap option) for headphones. The sound quality was better and depending on the interchangeable earpiece I was using, it cut down on tons of ambient noise.

However, last year I had a pair of Westone ES3 custom molded . The difference is amazing.... as well it should be for the financial outlay. I use them multiple times each week when performing music as well as when flying with an ipod ambient noise is no longer a problem (cuts about 30 decibles or so). Plus, since they are custom molded to my ears I don't suffer any ear fatigue (they actually have soft silicon tips that "melt" and form to your ear canal as you're body's natural heat warms them in your ear). I've done many 8 our trips with them in non stop and it has been pure bliss.

I've tried headphones with active/passive noise canceling... never again. It makes my ears so tired.

All that to say, find yourself a nice pair of IEM if you want an amazing listening experience coupled with amazing comfort. I'm definitely looking forward to using them with my dell mini!
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Default Re: Your Dell Mini 9 Plane Experiences... - 03-27-2009, 03:55 PM

You thread stealers! haha jk jk

I hve Shure headphones and they were plenty on the plane for me, I watched a few videos and the sound was MORE than adequate for me. =)
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