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Default Prices in outlet up ... again - 03-25-2009, 09:18 PM

Let's see ... it has been about a week now since the average price on a standard 8gb/1gb mini, usually with a 1.3 cam have gone from $239 to an average today of $279 (minus a cam). Most units with either a 16gb SSD, BT, or cam are now in the area of $300-$329. Last night there was a 16gb, win xp, NO cam, NO Wan, but BT, for $429!

Is it a fair question to ask if Dell is now taking advantage here? Why would someone buy a refurb for almost as much as building your own system at the store? In addition, nobody has seen a coupon for the outlet in weeks.

Nope, I think it's about "count me out" time for a Dell. Too many returns on Chinese crap going on, imo. Can't justify this. It has now turned into an Apple, "gotta have it no matter what the cost!" deal.
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Default Re: Prices in outlet up ... again - 03-25-2009, 09:42 PM

When does the price of a consumer electronic device ever go up (for the same model)? I can't recall a single item, but this one. Somthing fishy going on here. I bought my 1gb, 16gb, xp w/bt from the outlet for $299 two months ago....the bt made the selection much more limited (and I am not entirely sure I needed bt) and slightly more expensive as I couldn't find a 512k version....the 1gb/16g/xp w/o bt was $279 (and there were a million of them at that price)....the comparable price for the new build was near $400.

Has anyone with a longer history using Dell outlet have any perspective? It seems like they don't want us to buy the 9's from the outlet anymore (or they know they can unload them for that price since no-one wants to wait 6+ weeks for a fresh build).
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Default Re: Prices in outlet up ... again - 03-25-2009, 10:05 PM

few weeks ago, i was outlet browsing for a refurbed unit. in my opinion, these prices are comparable to what i saw when i was looking.

selling mini9 64gb 2gb ram // <3 apple & mydellmini
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Default Re: Prices in outlet up ... again - 03-25-2009, 10:25 PM

I have not really been looking at high-end Mini 9's on the Outlet recently, so I can't comment on if they're charging more for the decked out models, as i've been hovering around looking for a barebones with a big SSD. But of the 100 or so I saw this morning the prices for the low end ones really haven't changed.
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Default Re: Prices in outlet up ... again - 03-25-2009, 10:55 PM

One of the things I've noticed that seems to affect the price is the crap software they bundle with them, Norton AV, Works, etc. You would think on a refurb that they would sell just the netbook and either scrap the software or put it up as an "option", not force us to take it.

I could be wrong tho. But the more expensive ones almost always have extra bloated software that I wouldn't want anyways.

I also see a lot of "perfect" configurations, except they are PINK! I'm a guy, even tho I am confortable with my sexuality, I really don't want someone wondering why I carry around a pink laptop....

I want any color but pink, however there always seems to be a pink 16-32gb with 1.3 cam and BT for a semi-reasonable price, but in PINK!!! Bleah

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Default Re: Prices in outlet up ... again - 03-25-2009, 11:04 PM

BTC: I think the issue is that the pink ones hang out in the outlet for a LONG time once they get there, so it always looks like there are pink ones. I haven't compared service tags or anything, but I can't imagine there are THAT many pink ones made, and those that are were made because someone WANTED one for some unfathomable reason.

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Default Re: Prices in outlet up ... again - 03-25-2009, 11:47 PM

You buy from the outlet so that you don't have to wait 6 weeks for your computer to show up =)

Most of those come with all kinds of extras a lot of people don't want too. So long as it doesn't go above the MSRP there is no reason why DELL can't charge you whatever they want really....makes business sense to make more money right?

You sold someone something for $600 they return it for the $600 back 2 days later and now you have to just sell it for 25% less?? If they can they will sell it for as much as possible to make their money back. Not saying this is the case, just saying it could be
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Default Re: Prices in outlet up ... again - 03-26-2009, 02:49 AM

I can understand your frustration but its not really true. I saw some for as low as $189 in the last week. Like many here have said, if you watch that store like a hawk and constantly refresh the page you will find some real deals. When I was looking to buy a refurb my search criteria didn't even include anything over $200. So they can price things as high as they like, it's their loss! In the end (just yesterday) I purchased a brand new white mini (the color I wanted) with the higher rez cam, 8GB drive, 1GB RAM with windows from using my rewards zone points. The list price is $299 (less than the exact build from the Dell website, by the way) and it ended up costing me $30! $20 of that was shipping! But don't get me started on SEVEN day shipping on a 5lb box for $20! I ship things two day priority for less than that!
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Default Re: Prices in outlet up ... again - 03-26-2009, 04:22 AM

Got my Black/16gb/1gb ram/BT/Webcam/XP for $289 w/o shipping 2 weeks ago. Prices do seem to be going up but as stated before, alot of them include the crap software as opposed to the ones I saw in outlet a few weeks ago w/o. Just keep refreshing!

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Default Re: Prices in outlet up ... again - 03-26-2009, 05:35 AM

I don't see the prices in the outlet really significantly going much higher than they have for the last month. Just got to check back fairly often; finding that $189 plain vanilla base Mini 9 isn't that hard. There's one on the outlet right now, actually.

Personally, I looked for about a week, and found a $179 Mini 9 with 4GB SSD and 512K RAM. Used a %15 coupon from e-junkie to bring it down to $165 shipped with tax (WA state). 2GB RAM stick from Newegg for $23. Got my Runcore 32GB coming from Hong Kong, eventually....

It still IS possible to find deals; you've just got to look hard. A little bit of work can save a good chunk of money.

Note: the e-junkie coupon isn't working right now, but I suspect it'll come back soon. Here's the link:
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