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Default mini 9 in new inspiron commercial? - 03-17-2009, 07:58 PM

Okay so tell me if I am crazy here. I have looked for the new inspiron commercial online but can't find it anywhere. It's been playing on tv the last few days (It is advertising the 15" model I believe and talks about price starting at like $550 or $650 can't remember) and it's one with people standing outside of a building and going through a door and coming out the door on the other end one by one holding there inspiron. I saw it the other day and what really threw me was there was one guy holding his and it didn't look at all to be a 15" model, but instead it was considerably smaller than everyone elses model and looked like a mini 9 (or could be a 10 I guess). Anyway, what threw me was the front casing looked like woodgrain! Has anyone else seen this commercial and noticed this or am I just loosing my marbles? :? I know it wasn't a skin and it wasn't real wood grain, it was just the design of the actual front. I have checked the dell website but find the same front's that have been there for months and have not seen anything new in the 10 or 12" models either. I was just wondering if I was seeing things or not. I think it would be really awesome if dell continued to expand the covers available to all of the ones they have for the regular sized notebooks. Even though I really like my red with carbon fiber skin, I would be apt to put on a new cover if they had ones that fit my taste or made my mini unique.

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