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Default Re: Possible work around for choppy flash video playback - 05-11-2009, 07:06 AM

The wide range of results is truly worrying... I am one of those who has poor performance from hulu and cant watch youtube hd.

I am absolutely not a newb to working with pcs (I have been fixing them, building and programing for over 20 years first was a pc jr) and with an aboslutley clean xp install, clean vista install and clean win7 install with current drivers and current flash and java I get the exact same thing each time:

Youtube SD Fine
Youtube HD Totally unwatchable
(bear in mind there is youtube SD and youtube HD which are different things)
Hulu SD OK unless I go full screen for about 10-15 minutes. But then as heat builds it gets choppier and choppier.
Hulu HD Usually a green blobby mess and totally unwatchable.

I suggest anyone testing make sure to test for a solid 10 minutes at least to see if performance stays as good.

Its not a bandwidth thing because I can watch HD on both sites just fine on my vostro 1400 which is also on wireless, so its nothing to do with bandwdith or wireless.

BTW the commeent about wireless devi es being the most commonely replaced as a comment about the use of wireless comes across as highly uneducated. Remember that even if you have wireless b and are only getting half of your 11mbps thats still WAY more than you need for any youtube or hulu. People watch both on 1.5mb connections all the time. Whiel ping and dropped packets may be an issues in some situations, throughput is not unless your hardware itself is failing.

I would like to see the source of wireless devices being hte most commonly replaced and even if it is there are plenty of potential reasons, not the least of which might be new features, user error or frustration, the simple massive number of them out there or even the fact that so few parts are replaced anymore, people tend to upgrade before things die.
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Default Re: Possible work around for choppy flash video playback - 05-11-2009, 07:15 PM

Not to steer any one away from the point of this thread, but... You may want to run a benchmark software, like geekbench, just to be sure your hardware is on par with the rest of us.
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