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Cool Multiboot discussion - 02-02-2009, 07:27 AM

Hey all. Just got my mini this weekend and spent some time configuring it. I'm hoping to spark general discussion on multiboot.

What I want to do is setup multiboot on a stock 16gb ssd while I wait for runcores to drop in price and become available. This means I want small footprints. nlited/vlited windows xp/7 install, along with the best netbook optomized ubuntu with the smallest footprint, and a paired down leopard install.

First, let's consider the intended uses of this multiboot system. As the netbook name implies, internet and networking client applications will be primary, followed by light media and casual gaming. War driving and wep cracking as tertiary and optional goals considering potential specialized hardware and modifications (say gps).

Considering those intended uses, I'd appreciate any comments on the general pros and cons of the operating systems. Then there are the different install options among the flavors (windows, linux (primarily concerned with ubuntu), os x leopard). For example TinyXP vs. nlited xp (which nlited xp was looking better.)

Also can anyone comment on the size of partitions needed for each operating system? I would like to give 3-4GB for each flavor, and a shared partition formatted in a way readable by all (likely fat32). I'd like to have each partition reserve around 1.5-2gb for apps/data. This seems tight but from my cursory investigation not impossible. In fact it seems possible to get the essential os components and all the most commonly used internet/media apps installed in under 3gb for each system. Except for windows 7 which I can't find any information on the vlited footprint.

On to bootloaders and install order. It seems that grub would work well as the bootloader for this system. I believe this is installed by default when you install Ubuntu. Is there a particular bootloader and install order someone with experience would recommend?

And one last question. Is there an ideal procedure that works for placing any bootable cd/dvd image on a (bootable) usb key? I've seen multiple solutions and it's unclear which, if any, are only viable for the circumstances for which they were designed.

Perhaps this is too much for a single thread, but my intention is to drive towards a FAQ/Wiki, if not a general one, then one just for installing multiboot "lite" operating systems, and potentially having them interact through a shared partition. Wouldn't it be great if your firefox profile could be shared among them all on a fat32 partition? Or is that a pipe dream?

Mini 9, A04 Bios, 2GB RAM, 16GB STEC SSD, 1.3MP Webcam, no bluetooth, no WWAN
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Default Re: Multiboot discussion - 02-04-2009, 04:35 AM

Well I'm actually multi booting my Mini 9. ( as I do nearly every system I have). I have a 32GB Runcore installed and 2GB of ram.

On mine I have the XP installed from the installation media and Ubuntu 8.10 with the netbook remix installed on top.

Assuming that you are going to be keeping your data on SSD or USB key. i would say linux systems you could do 4GB pretty easy. Windows isn't really comfortable imho in anything under 6GB. I had the dell default windows install and Ubuntu installed on my original 16GB ssd drive.

Grub is what you want since it's there courtesy of ubuntu. My general order of installing software is windows then Linux so grub can claim it's rightful spot as the boot loader of choice. (otherwise windows and others will clobber it ).

Dell Mini 9 - Black 2GB RAM 32GB RunCore XP/Ubuntu 9.04 dual boot.
Dell Mini 9 - White 2GB RAM 32GB RunCore OSX 10.5.7, AirportExtreme, BT
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