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Default Re: PDA, Mini 9, or both? - 11-07-2008, 10:25 PM

Hi theantichick, this note may come as a tad bit late but my situation paralell yours.
I used to have a HP hx4700 PDA, for 6 years, and it was the love of my life. It had a gigantic screen for a PDA (4"), I am utterly dependent on all the PIM apps, from when to wake up to when to pee, Windows Mobile allow me to run a lot of my medical programs in it (especially Uptodate, a 2GB medical reference), I had an external GPS, plus I can take notes in clinic and on the ward.
Then a few months ago the touchscreen on my hx4700 died! I thought about buying a smartphone (like the HTC diamond) as a replacement for my PDA but the hefty price and HTC's relative instability just turned me off. The best CPU in the smartphones are still too slow for my needs (400 MHz tops, whereas the hx4700 was 624 MHz, and that was 6 years ago... I know the purist in the forum to lambast me for comparing apples and oranges because the architecture is different but still I couldn't stand any PDA running <624 MHz).
Then I stumbled across the Mini 9. Looking at its specs, it can do all the above, I can even run more programs on it than before (because of XP), plus it's screen is larger, and I am planning to put MS Outlook in it to function as my PIM, and I can stick my USB GPS on it! I don't need to squint my eyes on reading articles anymore (the old hx4700 was 640x480, nice but tiny). The only draw back I can see is it's size and it's not a phone. But then again I don't mind carrying it during the day when I am running from clinic to clinic or across the ward because I intend to put my Mini 9 in my little messenger bag. Phone part is inconsequential since I have a tiny Ericcson cell phone that does not take up any space in my pocket.
My Mini 9 just got delivered today so I am planning to test out my theory next week by first nliteing my XP Pro SP3 into it, then have it for a field test!
Hope this helps.
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Default Re: PDA, Mini 9, or both? - 11-10-2008, 03:59 PM

Yeah, I've been playing with mine for almost a week now.

The Mini9 won't do some things for me... namely alarms and instant-on for calendaring and phone book applications. (Yes, I truly need an electronic brain to get through my day... it's sad) I've found for a stop-gap measure that I can use some Motorola software and download my calendar (with alarms) and phonebook to my Razr from Outlook. It's a minor pain, but until I build up my toy-purchase-piggy-bank again so I can get a solid smartphone again, it'll do.

What the Mini9 has given me back is wonderful, though. I have an e-book reader that's actually pleasant to read on. I'd be happier if it were a tablet form, but I don't have another $800+ to drop on this, or I'd have gotten that form factor. Since I was able to reconfigure the keyboard for my Dvorak layout, I can actually touch type on it quite well, so it's a wonderful note taking device. My project management and to-do lists are handled beautifully. Of course it's great for web surfing around the house and at hot spots, that's what it was designed for. I haven't loaded up my favorite games on it (simple stuff like Soduko and Match-3 games, I don't WoW or anything) yet, but that's next. I have all the stuff I need, in a great portable form factor, and I'm thrilled.

It will not replace a PDA for me, but that's ok.

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Default Re: PDA, Mini 9, or both? - 11-10-2008, 05:47 PM

Originally Posted by medicThree
If you want a solid smartphone: blackberry is you're only real option. There is no competition with my curve 8330.
Sure there is, a Blackberry Bold or a Storm
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