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Default WinXP: Virtual desktop - 1024x768 or larger - 01-18-2009, 10:42 PM

Pardon if this is obvious or has been covered.

A number of times, it would be useful to set the desktop resolution to 1024x768 for programs which need it for buttons at bottom, larger resolutions could also sometimes be useful. Of course this can be done with an external monitor, but I am interested in display on Mini9 screen.

Given the screen size of the Mini9, we cannot see all pixels in native format - we either need to scroll over a virtual desktop or use a graphics stretch to squeeze pixels onto desktop, For the latter option, google astray on this forum - I haven't tried it.

For a scrollable virtual desktop, no new software/drivers are needed.
Right click desktop, Properties, Settings,Advanced, Monitor and Uncheck box which says Hide modes...

Now when you right click and open Graphics Properties, the Intel driver will let you set any resolution greater than 1024x600 and you scroll the 1024x600 Mini9 window over the virtual desktop. Or just use
Right click desktop, Properties, Settings to set resolution using Windows.

I find this useful if I want to use an external proejector for a presentation and I want to see the powerpoint both on projector and on Mini 9.

This capability is also available in various Ubuntu flavors. There may also be other (possibly superior?) 3rd party options for WinXp. I find it useful to know it's also available with default Mini9 setup.

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Default Re: WinXP: Virtual desktop - 1024x768 or larger - 01-19-2009, 12:50 AM

You can do this in the Intel graphics utility.

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Default Re: WinXP: Virtual desktop - 1024x768 or larger - 01-19-2009, 02:13 AM

Unfortunately you can't do this in Linux

What would have been nice is if the EDID of the monitor included a 1024x768 mode.

Dell? You listening? We want 1024x768, even if it is scaled! This is what my idea in ideastorm is all about!

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Default Re: WinXP: Virtual desktop - 1024x768 or larger - 01-20-2009, 02:24 AM

I could go for a new screen resolution like the new Sony Vaio P :P Why settle for 1024x768 when you can get 1600x768 (and thats on a 8" screen)
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