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Default 05-29-2009, 05:45 AM

Like new mini 9 1GB, cam, 16GB + DVD-RW external drive - $210 from a dude on craigslist (after my refurb order from dell ended up being a defective model)

$5 - sleeve from ebay
$25 - GPS receiver
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Default Got mine in Japan - 05-29-2009, 04:31 PM

They had a short time sale with a factory config and upgrade where I could get it shipped from dell with 32GB SSD, 2GB RAM, Ubuntu, and I added a webcam and bluetooth for a total of US$430 including shipping.

I should have just got the smallest SSD I could find because I upgraded to 64GB Runcore a week later (USD 230 including shipping from eBay seller)

$20 for an infrared sensor which I took apart and installed internally for use with OS X
USD 20 for a US English keyboard
USD 130 for a 32GB SDHC card (class 6)
USD 4 for a SDHC USB reader which I installed internally
USD 16 for a carrying sleeve

Total: USD850 + Mac OS X license.

Oh, need to add USD 200 for a bottom of the line Mini 9 which I used for parts after I fried my mainboard trying to install a charging indicator LED

But not a total loss - I have a spare battery and AC charger now as well as a new top lid to replace the one that I scratched...

I have a bunch of parts I need to get rid of now...
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Talking Cheap - 05-29-2009, 10:50 PM

New Mini 9 8Gb 1.3 cam BT XP Home $87.90
Rubber Sleeve 7.99
HyperX 2Gb RAM 28.11


Next to purchase:

RunCore 32Gb SSD
SanDisk 16Gb SDHC
US-Intl Keyboard
Intel 5100/5300 n card?


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Default 05-30-2009, 06:25 AM

Just bought a "previously ordered new" Mini 9 from the Dell Outlet while I can still get my hands on one. Still the most versatile 9" netbook out there IMHO.

Black, 1 gig RAM, 8 gig SSD, BT

Total with tax came to around $278 (after using a 15% off coupon & free shipping).
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Default 06-01-2009, 12:46 AM

$140 - Mini 9 White, 16GB SSD, 1GB Ram
$50 - 2GBR Ram upgrade
$0 - Wife making a case

Reason why Mini was only $140 ordered a Precision M6400 that had option to order for only $99. Bad thing was the Precision M6400 cost $2600. The wife get the Precision and I get the Mini. Does this sound fair?
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Default 06-01-2009, 02:13 PM

I bought my mini 9 a few weeks ago for £287 inc VAT and delivery from Dell UK, 2GB RAM, 64GB SSD, 1.3 Camera and Bluetooth, cover White. Plus another £10 off for ordering through the TopCashBack link.

Now that they are gone from the Dell UK site I see one on the Dell UK Outlet site with the same spec except 0.3 camera and Pink cover for £493 inc VAT plus a delivery charge (£20? I'm not sure).

I thought that mine was a bargain at the time as there was £50 off plus free delivery and a 10% coupon. The memory upgrade from 1 to 2GB was free and 64GB SSD was only £10 more than 32GB but over £500 for a refurb looks very expensive unless there are some heavy discount coupons about which I have not spotted.

Mini 9 | Mac OS X 10.6.5 | 2 GB RAM | 64 GB Stock STEC SSD | BIOS A05 | USB Legacy Mode: OFF | Bluetooth: OFF | NBI 0.8.4(20100616212351)
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Default 06-05-2009, 04:32 AM

Originally Posted by Rob928 View Post
I probably could have done better but oh well...

Refurbished Cherry Red Dell Mini 9 - $279
Windows XP
1.3mp Webcam
WAN Slot (But I don't think it has a card)
Free Shipping
Taxes - $13.93

Total = $292.93

It's supposed to be delivered today

I plan on putting OSX on it and I'm hoping the current configuration will have enough room. Unfortunately, this configuration popped up during a period with no coupons. And then, the Vostro A90 showed up today at $199. I might return/resell this one and get a Vostro. I think in the end, it'd be cheaper.
Just an update on what has happened since...

The Dell Mini 9 did arrive that day... but it was PINK! After talking with Dell customer service (and them trying to convince me the red really was pinkish), they agreed to send me a replacement computer. Four weeks later, a brand new Red Mini 9 was overnighted to me complete with WWAN slot, WWAN card, and sim card. So Dell came through in the end. Invoice price, almost $600! Cost to me: nothing more than $292.93.

Meanwhile, I did also order a Vostro A90 for $217.

Cherry Red Dell Mini 9 | OS X 10.5.7 | 2 GB RAM | 64 GB Runcore | BT | 1.3 MP | WiFi | WWAN
Vostro A90 | Win7 RC | 1 GB RAM | 16 GB STEC | BT | 0.3 MP | WiFi | Tablet Conversion
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Default 06-10-2009, 10:21 PM

So far, I would characterize my experience as perhaps slightly overpaying for the mini but scoring some serious discounts so far with the add ons...

$368 - Mini 9 w/ XP, smallest RAM/SSD (1/8GB) and all options (BT, 1.3MP, etc) except WWAN
$24 - 2GB HyperX
$20 - 2 - 32GB Transend Class 6 SDHC Cards (Complete steal!)
$81 - LG Slim DVD+R w/ Lightscribe (USB Powered)
$109 - 32GB Super Talent (The new ones - I just couldn't wait for a Runcore and didn't mind saving the $10)
$17 - Internal SDHC Card Reader Components

Total - $619.

If I had it to do all over again, I would have shopped for a Vostro... in my opinion, the black is way better looking than the silver... or for the cheapest Mini 9 at the outlet with the WWAN option available. A referbished vostro/mini with 512/4GB would have been perfect to allow me to throw some of my system money towards the upgrades! I would have liked to be at or under $500, but very pleased with the system!

m11x r.3: Stealth | i7-SB | 2GB GT 540 | 8GB-DDR3 | 500GB HD |
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Default 07-11-2009, 03:13 AM

$214 - Dell Mini 9 (Refurb)
$86 - 32GB Super Talent SSD
$29 - 2GB RAM
$329 Total

So yeah, It's worth it for me anyways !
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Default 07-11-2009, 05:20 PM

Bought mine back in Feb....

Cherry Red Mini 9
Win. XP
1 yr warranty


2 GB-mem. module
Red Timbuk2 sleeve/backpack
Cherry Red Logitech Optical USB Mouse

Grand total w/ shipping $620.00

But can you see the Red theme ....No Regrets...

On Line gaming addict....

Cherry Red Mini 9..64GB Runcore SSD...2GB Ram....16GB SDHC card, BT...Win XP Home, Logitech mouse
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