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Default Re: Your Mini's Total Cost? - 04-30-2009, 12:19 AM

I just happened to be on the Outlet site with no intention of buying anything when I saw a cherry red 16GB Mini 9 in a sea of black 8GB's so I gave it serious consideration for about 2 seconds and bought it

Cherry Red, 512MB, No cam or BT, WinXP, 16GB $239... Shipping (free) and Tax brought that to $253.32.

The same day I ordered the Mini I ordered a 2GB 667 Crucial stick from Newegg for $19.99 shipped for a grand total of $273.31.

I'm considering ordering the BT module (most likely a yes just to ditch the corded mouse) and I'm still figuring out if I'm going to upgrade to a 32GB SSD (ST, OCZ or Runcore) or just buy an SDHC card so the spending isn't over yet.
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Default Re: Your Mini's Total Cost? - 04-30-2009, 02:06 AM

Dell Mini 9 - XP Home - 1GB - 16GB SSD - £209 from eBay vendor / outlet style
Belkin Neoprene Case - £10
16gb Lexar SDHC - £30
2GB Crucial SODIMM - £20
Decals - £0
Video Capture USB Stick - £25

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Default Re: Your Mini's Total Cost? - 05-03-2009, 08:11 PM

£150 from Dell (insane sale) Mini 9 256mb RAM 4gb SSD
£12 from 2gb RAM
£108 from 32GB Runcore SSD

£280 total for a 2gb RAM 32gb SSD Mini. Not bad, seeing as the current highest spec mini being sold in the UK is 1gb RAM 16gb SSD, and also costs £280, with a slower STEC SSD to boot.
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Default Re: Your Mini's Total Cost? - 05-04-2009, 12:47 AM

$200 right now, look at my signature

Dell Mini 9 8gb Obsidian Black XP SP3 Performance Edition..more to come..
UMPC: Fujitsu Lifebook 1120 Touchscreen, ext battery
PPC: Dell Axim X51v Lenny's wm 6.5 Alpha 2 Innopocket Mag Case, Dell Axim X30 624 mhz,
Smartphone: Nokia E61
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Default Re: Your Mini's Total Cost? - 05-04-2009, 01:37 AM

Dell Mini 9 $240 (Base model with 8gb SSD, bluetooth, and Ubuntu)
RunCore 32gb $123
OS X 10.5.6 DVD $95 (Could have gotten this for free via friend but decided to buy off eBay)
Apple Airport Extreme Wireless N card $49
Kingston HyperX 2gb RAM $26
Sandisk Extreme III SDHC 8gb (3 cards) $112-90 rebate = $22 (~$7 per card)
Sandisk Extreme Contour 16gb Flash Drive $46
3mm Ultra Bright Blue LED (HD light) $5
Mini PCIe adaptor parts (SDHC internal OS boot mod) $20
77wh 8 Cell Battery $68 plus $12 return shipping due to DOA battery (RMA cost)

Grand Total: $706 (including rebate) or $796 (without taking rebate into consideration)

So I have 64gb of storage with my 32gb RunCore SSD, 8gb SDHC (internal mod), 8gb SDHC (internal dell card reader), and 16gb flash drive if all connected at same time. Right now I am running OS X with only 8gb used. Will set up dual boot with Win7 sometime later this week. I will say my Mini 9 flies. It is much faster than my Lenovo X 61 laptop I have from work with Vista on it. Boots up in around 20-25 secs and shutdown is around 3-5 secs. Internet flies, but wireless n card greatly increases the heat of the unit. Will probably put down another $20 to get a laptop cooler later on.

When I registered my Mini 9 through Apple, I got an email confirming the registration of my new "Mac Air Book."

Ouch! Didn't realize the total cost until I added it up. Ah man, lol. My selling point to my wife originally was that the Mini 9 was only $199. Then I told her I was going to upgrade, but limit myself to a total price of $350-$400. I hope she doesn't find out or she will literally kill me. :lol:

P.S. It was all worth, even if the wife kills me. $700 for a ultra portable MacBook is pretty good imo. Plus with the new 8 cell battery I can use the Mini 9 all day without worrying about recharging.
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Default Re: Your Mini's Total Cost? - 05-04-2009, 02:26 AM

dell mini 9 with 512mb and 4gb ubuntu, ordered feb. 27th $199, $221 with shipping
crucial 2bg stick $20, $25 with shipping
runcore 32gb ssd $119, $127 with shipping

total: $373
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Default Re: Your Mini's Total Cost? - 05-07-2009, 02:27 AM

Dell Mini 9 White with 1gb and 4gb Ubuntu - $186 shipped
Upgrades to come!
Dell Mini 10 1gb Pink 1.6 160gb -$248 shipped
I can finally see which is better

Toshiba Satellite M645-S40408 | Fusion Finish | 500 gb | 6gb | Core i5-460M | NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M | Win 7
HP Mini 311 | Black | 500 gb | 2gb | Atom 270 | NVIDIA ION | Win 7
Dell Mini 1010 | Obsidian Black | 160gb | 1gb | Atom z520 | Win XP
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Default Re: Your Mini's Total Cost? - 05-07-2009, 04:14 AM

Dell Mini 9 from EPP (all discounts included in prices mentioned)

Mini 9 - $500.54 with tax (3 year warranty with CompleteCare, 1GB RAM, 8GB SSD, BT, 1.3MP, Ubuntu, free overnight shipping)
TimBuk2 T-Pack Bag - $29.85 with tax (from Dell EPP, free shipping)
64GB RunCore - $226.49 (with shipping at MDD's Ebay Store)
2GB Kingston HyperX - $27.81 with tax (free shipping at Newegg)
TOTAL: $784.69 for the best MacBook Mini ever. However, the SSD was an early graduation gift, so $558.20 at the end of the day.

Luckily, I have massive quantities of 4GB SD cards laying around. I need the long warranty because this is going to be a college beat-up computer. I'm going to order a second power adapter ($51.35 with tax, free shipping at Dell EPP) and another 4-cell battery ($85.59 with tax, free shipping at Dell EPP). Those will come eventually, I don't need them right now. I love my Mini Mac, and it was worth the expense.

Dell Mini 9 - Obsidian Black | Mac OS X 10.5.6 | 2 GB CAS3 Kingston HyperX RAM | 64 GB RunCore SSD | BIOS A04 | BlueTooth | 1.3MP Webcam
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Default Re: Your Mini's Total Cost? - 05-07-2009, 04:43 AM

After sitting on the fence for a few weeks, watching the prices of new A90's and Mini 9's climb, and then watching the outlet like a hawk while trying to find a coupon code, I got:

Alpine White 8gb ssd Ubuntu equipped 1gb ram: $218 w/tax and free shipping
32gb runcore: ~$125 shipped
2gb ram from nuevo huevo: ~$22 shipped

So $365 dollars all told. Not too bad, I originally wanted to keep it under $350, but I'm just going to pretend that sales tax didn't count. Shh, I won't tell the rational side of my brain if you guys won't. This all took place tuesday, so I'm still waiting (impatiently) for it all to arrive. Now I just need to keep myself from spending on any goodies for it...yeah right. :mrgreen:
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Default Re: Your Mini's Total Cost? - 05-07-2009, 10:10 AM

Refurb Obsidian Mini9 with 4GB, 1GB, BT, 1.3 - $200
16GB ST SSD - $50
2GB mem - $30
32GB ST SSD - $90
Dell Obsidian BT mouse - $25
Total - $395

New Alpine Mini9 with 8GB SSD, 512MB, BT, 1.3 - $235
32GB ST SSD & 2GB - $90
Dell Alpine BT mouse - $25
Total - $350

Net - $695
Sold parts - $80
Grand total - $615 or $308 per Mini


o Alpine White Mini 9 - 32GB Super Talent - 2GB RAM - Webcam - BT - Win8 CR - DELL BT Mouse - ATBATT extended battery - 10 hr battery life
o Chainlink Black Inspiron duo - 128GB Samsung SSD - 2GB RAM - Webcam - BT - GPS - Touchscreen - Accelerometer/magnetometer - Win 7 Home Premium
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