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Default How do you use your Mini9? - 01-06-2009, 10:31 PM

I've been wondering what everyone uses their Mini9's for, as I was pretty surprised how many use it for gaming.

I mainly use the Mini9 for browsing the Internet at school, or in bed while watching TV but have found myself putting quite a few games on it (Loving World of Goo and quite a few oldies!). It's great for Instant Messaging and Skype, if you have a webcam. I use it as a music player in the mornings while getting dressed and sorting out my books and folders for the day. Perhaps once a week I take it round to a mates' house and hook it up to their TV to watch films. I haven't been completing much work at all as most of the time I can get it done on the PC at home, which really is preferable as the screen and keyboard are much larger.

I've found that though I bought the Mini9 mainly for the purpose of getting work done during my free periods in school, I just spend all my spare time entertaining others with episodes of Family Guy or playing Mario Kart ops:

I haven't tried loading an alternative OS (I'm on Windows XP SP3) but when I purchase a new SSD, I'll be giving Windows 7 a go.

For such a small device the Mini9 seems extremely versatile. Does anyone use theirs in an interesting way? Whilst rock climbing? Hooked up to their car for GPS? Spy work?

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Default Re: How do you use your Mini9? - 01-07-2009, 01:06 AM

Hope ya don't mind, I added an option to your poll.. I use mine for all of the things you listed.. Little bit of everything. If this thing fit better in my pockets, It'd never leave my side.. I check my email on it while watching TV. I watch TV on it through services like Hulu. I play games like World of Goo on it to kill time. I receive work orders from work on the go with it. I listen to music with it in bed with headphones while surfing the net at night. I hack on it, thanks to the Unix underneath OS X.. It's a great machine.

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Fallstar Fallstar is offline
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Default Re: How do you use your Mini9? - 01-07-2009, 01:35 AM

Same as UnaClocker, I do a little bit of everything on mine. Primary use is internet/email and Trillian/chat. I just installed Vista on mine, and still need to load some programs, but will also use it for rendering digital art (fractals) and for work (I have to travel around the region to service equipment). It's really very versatile and I'm enjoying it tremendously.
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ArKay ArKay is offline
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Default Re: How do you use your Mini9? - 01-07-2009, 03:07 AM

Sadly, mostly at work to either get to a manufacturer's site and check on information or to pull down Excel spreadsheets into OpenOffice (running Ubuntu) and take care of inventory and ordering.

I've messed around a little with it at home for doing other things (like playing Wesnoth) but my desktop is a wee bit easier to use and given the size of my place if I'm not in front of the desktop I'm either asleep or in other places I wouldn't be using a computer...

But I'm hoping that after I get either OSX installed (grrr, hangs up every time I've tried- got to install XP, upgrade the BIOS and try again), or a good dual boot XP/Ubuntu I'll start messing around with it more otherwise.

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pepind pepind is offline
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Default Re: How do you use your Mini9? - 01-07-2009, 08:10 AM

I use it mainly for school, or at least that's the cover story :lol:

I also pack it along just about everywhere I go - work, people's houses, use it on the couch or in bed....

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Heed Heed is offline
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Default Re: How do you use your Mini9? - 01-07-2009, 08:50 AM

I got mine to use for web browsing in the front room. It's now used for a lot of retro gaming, internet and e-mail and as I've now got it booting Linux Backtrack 3 from USB it will be handy for 'checking' wireless networks if I'm working away.

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dellmini9ed dellmini9ed is offline
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Default Re: How do you use your Mini9? - 01-07-2009, 03:06 PM

All of the above…
Net browsing
XBMC – stream movies from home server
Zune SW – stream music from home server
Slingbox – to view my Uverse DVR
RemotePC – manage file server
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hairball45 hairball45 is offline
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Default Re: How do you use your Mini9? - 01-07-2009, 05:39 PM

I answered "other", likely should have said 'all of the above", but school was a long time ago and security at work precludes the presence of any non company computers, usb drives, cameras, PDAs, the list goes on. My main interest is to have a more robust solution to paperless geocaching than the usual Palm based programs. (I still use them too.) So far, so good, I have my mapping software which shows a great deal more than the teeny little map on the GPS, and GSAK, a geocaching database that can store a great deal of information on thousands of caches. I can coordinate the data base with the Palm, and of course my GPS,but oh my, what I have for maps now. Of course the mini stays in the car with my navigator. She also serves as car and equipment guard.
I've got a couple of games on it, and movies are only drag and drop an avi to a thumbdrive away. Great stuff.
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dianed dianed is offline
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Default Re: How do you use your Mini9? - 01-07-2009, 06:35 PM

I got my Mini 9 for two main things--checking scores/blogging and working on my writing. I publish a pro tennis blog and need to see scores all day (well, let me be honest--I would need to see scores all day if I didn't publish a blog!), and then blog about results. I am also a creative writer and sometimes want to work to work on my poems and stories when I have a break at work; my work schedule is erratic, and I often have sizeable chunks of time between clients/jobs. Lugging our notebook around, as much as I like it, is just too hard, so I got the Mini 9 so I would always know the scores, and always have a keyboard handy.

Right now, there are very few matches being played in the daytime from a U.S. perspective, and I am also in a dry writing period. But before long, I'll be carrying the Mini 9 around almost every day. It is exactly what I needed.
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bigdog9586 bigdog9586 is offline
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Default Re: How do you use your Mini9? - 01-07-2009, 06:48 PM

I just got it yesterday just to see what the world was coming to. I was surprised just how useful it really is. Looking forward with some mods.
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