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Default Mini 9 Voltage/watts - 01-03-2009, 04:42 AM

So I accidently left the power supply to my mini at my office over the weekend, which sucks.
Edited below

I have an adapter for an old HP laptop that has a big '120 watt' label on it. I know the power supply that comes with the mini 9 is a 19volt/2 amp supply, but the spare I have is labelled as "max 19v/4amp". The power supply is a 3rd party universal supply, and claims to have an automated range from 16v to 19v (it was a very expensive Kensington power adapter with interchangeable tips). Can this damage the Mini?

Admittedly, I plugged it in since I was desperate to get it charged, and it had no problem charging off of it. I've read contradicting websites claiming that the device will only draw as much power as it needs, and another site saying it will take the full energy of whatever is plugged in, regardless.

So, can it take damage from a 19/4 adapter, or is it fairly safe?

I tried to find the maximum input power specs for the mini 9 but came up blank.

EDIT: I see there is another post discussing the Kensington for the Dell Mini. I guess it works, but the amperage still concerns me. I know it doesn't fit tightly into the mini, but I am using it to charge it while being untouched, so it won't be wiggled around at all. I use the mini after a full charge.

EDIT EDIT: Found a post that answered my question. kensington-and-igo-tips-for-the-mini-t1332.html
In case anyone else has a similar question.
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Default Re: Mini 9 Voltage/watts - 01-03-2009, 01:53 PM

The 4 amps is the maximum power the adapter can supply. It's no problem at all if the device draws less. As long as the voltage is correct and the current capacity is at least as much as required, you're fine.

My only caution is that non-Dell chargers may have longer barrels on the plug and this poses a risk of sideways pressure on the plug damaging the socket.

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