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Default Re: Will I see the benefit of having my new Mini 9 over my X40? - 12-20-2008, 05:21 AM

I have been a Thinkpad fan for a long time. Right now I have the IBM thinkpad X40 and a t42. They are both several years old and run like new. Matter of fact, the X40 has Vista on it.

This is what I like better about my X40 that pushed me into sending back the Dell.

1. I felt my X40 had better performance (even with Vista)
2. The keyboard on the X40 is amazing (Thinkpads are known for having a great keyboard.
3. I like having the light that shines on my keys
4. The x40 has a pcmcia slot for my broadband card or other devices
5. The build is more solid than the Dell
6. It just big enough to fit on my lap.
7. HD capacity. (I can go SS or standard)
8. Eraser pointer and thumb pads (I think they work better on a small laptop)
9. What I thought was an advantage for the Dell, became its down fall. The footprint is just too small. I cant use the Dell that well while on my lap.

What I like about the Dell.

1. Its lighter than my X40 (Both are pretty light but the Dell is very light.)
2. Travel size is fantastic
3. Integrated Camera
4. Quiet as a mouse

I will be following the progress of the mini 9 and might jump back in at some point. I like the fact that people are cracking them open and figuring out ways to improve on what Dell has done.

The mini 9 community is also pretty cool.

Thanks for all the help in getting to this point.

Merry Christmas, a King is born.
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Default Re: Will I see the benefit of having my new Mini 9 over my X40? - 12-20-2008, 03:29 PM

Well, my Mini 9 is on the FedEx truck to be delievered today. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it. I dont think it will replace my main laptops (Inspiron 1501, Inspiron 6000), but I do think it will be a fun little toy to mess around with. I'm also rather interested in doing some of the mods on here I've been reading about, and am considering throwing Linux on it in place of XP. I already went out yesterday and grabbed a 2 gig memory stick (for $19.99), so the 1st thing I'm gonna do is bump that ram up. Next on the list will probably be to grab a RunCore drive (maybe the 64 gig?) and dual boot Linux and Vista.
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