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Question Touchpads and keyboards 9 vs 10 - 08-31-2009, 02:50 PM

I recently tried out a Mini 10 at BestBuy and the touchpad felt weird, for lack of better wording. I don't really mind the buttons underneath, but something felt off.

I loved the touchpad on my old Vostro 1500(Recessed, with scrollers and tactile buttons)

How much better is the touchpad on the Mini-9? I hear alot of complaints about the 10's touchpad on here.

I'm really liking the price and features of the Vostro A90, the only thing that puts me off is the smaller rearranged keyboard. Is the tiny keyboard truly crippling or just a minor thing you learn to deal with?

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Default 08-31-2009, 03:00 PM

This is my opinion on the subject, so take it for what it is worth :

The Mini 9 trackpad is better than the Mini 10v (those are the only 2 I have used). I prefer the buttons on the Mini 9 over the 10v because having the buttons under the trackpad can provide annoyances. Depending on which OS you are running, your experience with be different... because driver support can make the world of a difference.

As far as the keyboard goes... I would go with the 10v over the 9 any day, hands down. The 10v makes use of its slightly larger footprint and makes the keyboard leaps and bounds better over the Mini 9. I have used both the Mini 9 and 10v keyboards (used to have a Mini 9)... and the 10v is so much more comfortable and easy to type on! All of they keys are where they should be and my hands do not feel cramped when typing. I do not hit the wrong keys because they are so close together! The Mini 9 keyboard is bearable if you have to use it on a daily basis (you will eventually get used to it), but if you have the option I would stick to the 10v keyboard!

That being said, I would personally recommend a 10v... because the keyboard is more important to me than the trackpad. And the 10v keyboard being better than the 9's keyboard makes up for the crappier trackpad on the 10v

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Default 08-31-2009, 03:24 PM

keymap matters too. qwerty on the 9 sucks. dvorak (which is what i use) is much more forgiving. i can type rather easily on the mini 9.

One thing i have yet to get around to doing because of time is tuning down the sensitivity of the trackpad on the mini 9. It's so sensitive i can hover my finger over the trackpad and cause it to register. It's always catching my thumb as it waits near the space-bar, which sucks because it makes the mouse jump across the screen. Obviously this isn't the mini9's fault, just a driver setting likely.

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Default 08-31-2009, 10:57 PM

I have 2 mini9's and one has the replacement US International keyboard. I work on computers all day long for a living and I find the US Int keyboard very usable. The normal keyboard, even though it has larger keys, has too many keys in the wrong place or require use of the Fn key to create and I absolutely hate it. I got 1 replacement keyboard when it was less than $25 shipping included. Now that its around 50 bucks I'm stuck deciding if I should get another or not.

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Default 09-03-2009, 11:50 AM

When my friend was in town a few weeks ago I had the chance to use his 10v and compare it to my Mini 9. All I have to say is that god-awful trackpad on the 10v is just something that is impossible to get used to. The Mini 9's keyboard is something that is very easy to get used to (even with my large hands). I would take the 10v keyboard and the Mini 9 trackpad but since we don't live in a dream world the Mini 9 is the only option for me.
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