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Question 2 processors?? - 08-29-2009, 05:13 PM

Hi everyone! I was wondering: Did the Dell Mini 9 ever ship with 2 processors in it (atom dual core)?? Is mine really a dual core?

Hopefully, this is not a repeat question. I looked around & didn't find any thing any where about it. Any way...

The new Mini 9 I bought used shows two N270 processors at My Computer>Properties> & then also under Device Manager. (My 1st one doesn't show 2 processors & I always thought Mini 9s in general were single core.)

I looked up the specs on Dell's web site under System Configuration after putting in the service tag. The original configuration is:


System Type: Inspiron Mini 9 (910)
Ship Date: 1/16/2009
Dell IBU: Americas

1 DP118 Base,No Bios,N270,1.6,512K Diamondville,910
1 W959F PRC,N270,1.6,512KB,DMV,C0
1 C050H Module,Battery,Primary,32WHR 4C,Dynapack International Technology Corp

1 D160H Module,Adapter,Alternating Current,30W,2P,United States 910
1 G311J Module,Software,WXPHSP3,Low Cost,Factory Install,English Dell Americas Organization

1 G419J Module,Software,WXPHSP3,Low Cost,Factory Install,Quick FixEngineering

1 H106H Module,Assembly,Base,WO/WWAN 910
1 J132H Module,Cover,Liquid Crystal Display,IMR,Black,Wireless Local Area Network Card,910

1 J206C Module,Software,Dell Connect 2.1,Dell Americas OrganizationEMEA,Brazil Customer Center

1 J341J Module,Label,Intel,Tablet,AtomDual Core
1 J536J Module,Information,VID/GRPHC SOLN
1 J843H Service Install Module Software,Inspiron,910
1 K342J Module,Information,OBSIDIAN BLK,Color
1 K637C Module,Software,Creative Camera,Consumer
1 M642H Module,Media,Digital Video Disk Drive,Resource Dvd,910
1 MC386 Module,Label,MSLOGO,Windows Xp,SMALL
1 P156H Module,Bezel,Liquid Crystal Display,Silver,8.9,W/1.3CMRA
1 P304H Module,Ship Material,System, Inspiron
1 P334X Module,Dual In-line Memory Module,1GB,800MHZ,DDR2,1GBIT
1 P677X Module,Accessory,United States,910,Dell Americas Organization
1 P788J Module,Software,WXPH,Low Cost,Certificate of Authenticity, V#2008
1 R085H Module,Liquid Crystal Display 8.9WSVGA,True Life,Au Optronics Corp,Qiao Hong

1 R117H Module,Keyboard,61,English Qiao Hong,Windows,Dell Americas Organization

1 R847H Module,Solid State Drive,8GB Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment,STEC,910

1 T013C Module,Software,Works,9 English
1 W265J Module,Software,WXPHSP3,Low Cost,DVD,English,DAO/BCC
1 W914C Module,Software,Dell Computer Corporation,CHAT,M09
1 X625G Module,Card,Network,Broadcom Corporation,Extended Manufacturers,Inspiron,US
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Default 08-29-2009, 05:18 PM

No, it's not a true dual core. The Atom supports hyperthreading, so it appears to the OS as two cores.

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Default 09-10-2009, 04:44 PM

I agree. My Dell Mini9 shows two processors as well. XP. Computer Managementevice Manager:Processors shows two Intel Atom CPU N270 @ 1.6 GHz lines. Strange?
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Default 09-10-2009, 04:47 PM

No, it's not strange. That's how the OS sees the processor.

From Wikipedia:

A processor with hyper-threading enabled is treated by the operating system as two processors instead of one. This means that only one processor is physically present but the operating system sees two virtual processors, and shares the workload between them.

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Default 09-10-2009, 05:48 PM

indeed, you are just seeing the two execution units within the single core processor as two processors. They share all other aspects of the cpu such as registers and cache and clock.

There are real dual core atom's but the mini9 doesn't have it. There are 3 lines of atom processors, only the 300 series is dual core.

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