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Default My Mini9 - 11-26-2008, 03:51 PM

Ordered my Dell Mini9 around the end of September.
Got it 2 weeks ago after many delays.
It is an all option USA XP build.

First thing I did was upgrade the ram using the Crucial 2GB kit (one stick kit).
XP saw the 2GB first time. No issues with having to install Pro. It just worked.

battery life is about 2.5 hours with a 2GB SD card installed.

I was having huge issues with freezes etc. Really sucked, I was tempted to return the nine to dell. But spoke with a buddy and took some hints and went to work.

removed pretty much everything within windows I don't use. Removed all of the crapware. I tried running Norton AV since that is what the we are given by UVA (I work for Virginia). That really made thing bad. Then I thought I would try one of my licenses of ZoneAlarm suite. Worse. So after un-installing those the system works good.
I have gotten the system down to 29 running processes and it screams.
I am still in search of a good ubber-lightweight A/V program. I use webmail and don't download anything, and only visit about 10 or so friendly websites, so I am pretty certain I wont have issues. But still...

I still get some freeze issues. So I turned off VM and it ran much better with only a freeze every so often.

I used Black Viper as a guide to trimming my XP down.

I love the size of this machine. I do a lot of sysadmin and user visits, and this is the perfect travel companion.
I do wish that instead of the big blank space where that WWAN card would fit, that Dell could give us the facility to hook up a faster disk drive, something like a 1.8" HDD. That would make the computer much better for what I do, but still having the small form factor I like. The 12" is nice, but I want something smaller.
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Default Re: My Mini9 - 11-26-2008, 06:28 PM

Hopefully your freeze ups aren't due to a problem with your memory upgrade...or with some software you may have uninstalled or process that you terminated is causing instability. In my experience, random freeze-ups are usually caused by hardware problems, especially damaged, incompatible, or improperly installed memory chips.

I have had my mini for about 3 weeks and have not had a single freeze up. In fact, I have not shut it off since I got has been turned on 24/7 (goes into standby when the lid closes) and only rebooted when a software install requires it.

I haven't done much in the way of eliminating processes...but did disable the useless Realtek HD program that sucks up 30MB+ of memory. I just use the standard windows mixer.

With 34 processes running (including Avast Antivirus and Google Chrome) I am using 359MB of my 1GB memory...plenty of room to spare.

All in all, I find the Mini to be stable, fast, and power-efficient with 3.5 to 4.5 hours of battery just sounds like something is wrong with your machine. If I were to troubleshoot it, I would put back the original memory chip, flash the SSD back to factory XP and see if the freeze-upproblems persist. If they do, then it is almost certainly a hardware problem and I would definitely pursue a return/exchange from Dell.
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