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Exclamation Recovery Problems - 07-30-2009, 12:20 PM

I've got a refurbished mini-9 and after a few software issues (apparently resolved), I thought it might be worth doing a clean installation of XP.

So (as per manual) I booted the XP disk and followed the instructions. Ran the installation on the main partition....

...and got two versions of xp on the same drive. The new one appeared to lack (at least) the video driver as it was stuck at 800x600. Attempting to rectify this from the drivers disk, I extracted the video driver, it ran and then told me there was an unknown error.

I then cut my losses and removed the new version of xp (after finding instructions).

Can anyone tell me where I went wrong and how I might get a clean install...?
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Default 07-30-2009, 01:38 PM

Did you run the install from the existing Windows install (while at the desktop) or did you boot from the Windows CD?

If you wanted to do a clean install, boot from the CD, and when prompted you should be able to select a clean install. You can delete the existing partition to start from scratch.

Once you have a "clean" install, it will be completely devoid of any needed drivers: video, audio, networking, the works. All of them need to be loaded aftewards.

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Default 07-31-2009, 10:42 AM

Thanks, I booted from the CD but don't recall any option to 'clean' - the first option I recall was just to select a partition to install to.

I guess I should have deleted the existing one and made a new one?

I'm rather going off the idea now but I might do it. Is there an idiots guide to using the drivers disk anywhere?

Do you boot from it or just run it?

When I ran it, it said it was going to install stuff and then just gave me a list with some items ticked (not the video driver) and there were options to 'extract' each one but that failed for the vid driver. Maybe because I had two windows installations....?
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Default I just did a reinstall as well - 07-31-2009, 01:51 PM

I had to reload Windows 3 times. That's the same ting that happened to me when I did my Asus EEE PC. Somehow it succeeds on the third try. You do have to delete the partion to get it to make a clean install. When you see the list of drivers with the check marks, you also have to install some without the checkmarks. If you can connect to the web, you can also go to to see the best order inwhich to install the drivers. I just did them as I saw them and then kept going back to the systems hardware device drivers to see if I had any more question marks.

On the list with checkmarks, the video driver is at the bottom. You need to run it to get the resolution you had before you did the reinstall.

Now my problem is that it boots at 800 by 600 and then changes a few seconds later and my recycle bin is always in the wrong place. In fact that is why I'm on the forum today.

To reinstall Windows you have to boot from that CD. To install drivers you boot from your PC and then just run the driver CD. After you can connect to the internet, you can install other drivers from if you don't want to continue using the CD.

I also found that the CD drive would work best from the USB port closest to the power connection.

Sounds like you are doing a good job, but I agree it would be good to have a Dell Mini 9 instruction guide or demo of installing the drivers.

See ""
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