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Default 2 mini 9s and mini 10v what should i do? - 07-26-2009, 06:01 AM

Ive always wanted a mini so i ordered a 10v with 120gb drive, bt 2.1, cam, w/l G, etc and it came with 2 yr complete care warranty for 418. I then read that u can get OSX on mini 9 so i purchased 2 from the outlet for 189 each peviously ordered new. Should i keep the 10v at that price or cancel it? I really want osx but the 10v was a good deal too. Im soo confused pls help. Thanks im new here and have been trying to keep up with all the stuff u can do with these little guys. Its amazing.
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Default 07-26-2009, 06:54 AM

The Mini 10v (i.e. NOT the Mini 10) also runs OS X, so your decision will really hinge on the battle of physical specifications between the 10v and the Mini 9, and what value they hold. (There are also a couple of minor audio issues on the 10v under OS X, I think.) It depends on what you want to do with it. Since I got my Mini 9 just for surfing the web and writing in caf├ęs, I don't care about things like a 120Gb HDD, so I'd personally return the 10v, but you might think differently.

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Default 07-26-2009, 07:32 PM

I say keep at least one mini 9 AND the 10v. Why? Because someone will ALWAYS want to borrow it! Between my mom, my brothers, my friends, and my girlfriend, I'm lucky to get any time on my own mini. You've already spent the money...why not put windows 7 on the 10v and OSX on one of the 9s? Getting OSX to run flawlessly is undoubtedly easier on the 9, whereas the 10v will hold more and could run windows only apps. The 9 has a cramped keyboard, but the 10v allows full speed typing. All of this hinges on whether or not there are actually potential mini-leechers in your life of course, but that's my $.02, although I'd have considerably more than $.02 to dole out if I had a nickle for every time I had to say "get your own &%*$ mini!"
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