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Default Ubuntu & Compiz on dell mini 12 - 03-08-2009, 08:35 PM

OK, peeps.

I'm finding conflicting reports here and elsewhere about this.

Can I put Ubuntu (not netbook remix, but hardy or intrepid) on my mini 12 with Compiz? Will it work cleanly? HAS ANYONE DONE THIS? No speculation please... not looking to spend a lot of wasted time. I have an external dvd-rom and will be installing that way.

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Default Re: Ubuntu & Compiz on dell mini 12 - 03-09-2009, 06:09 AM

ill just poke my head in here and state that im curious too about this. the only thing im unsure about is how to install dell drivers in linux. I know there are probably instructions, but a lot of drivers ive tried to install in previous machines required a lot of packages and being compiled.
not really that fun for a noob in linux ha.

what i would do is stick your live iso on a usb drive and mess around with it. with the usb option you can install packages to the usb and mess with it some. im not sure if the changes are retained on reboot, i never did try rebooting hah. but you can kill x and restart x in the terminal after you install stuff.

i managed to get all my media player stuff working without a reboot on my last laptop, so i imagine you could get compiz fusion to work.

Ill be trying this myself for sure when my 12 FINALLY shows up. gonna try it with linux mint as well.

incidently, if you search "multimedia how to" in the ubuntu forum, you get a thread that holds your hand and gives you a copy and paste sollution that includes compiz. you basicly copy it to your terminal and walk away. it does everything for you.

pretty handy. I wish windows's idea of hand holding didn't mean frustrating you with prompts.
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Default Re: Ubuntu & Compiz on dell mini 12 - 03-11-2009, 05:58 AM ... iz&page=26

Post #254

Direct rendering means that the rendering of OpenGL visuals is handled by the video card instead of emulated in software (which is unusably slow). It's one of the things needed for compiz to work- unfortunately compiz doesn't support this hardware anyway, at least not right now.
So the compiz will not work, I guess.
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