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Default Just got my Mini 12 today. - 02-11-2009, 03:37 AM

I ordered a refurbed unit from the Dell Outlet on Wednesday and it arrived Saturday, but I didn't hear the doorbell. It was delivered today.

I tried using it with Vista, but it was a pig. So, I wiped the unit and installed XP Home on it from an external USB DVD I bought from Much better!

No XP drivers on the included CD, so I downloaded them from the Dell website and copied them to a USB key.

I've been loading it up most of the day. Keyboard is fine. Built-in speaker is lousy. HDD is slow. 1gb of RAM with Vista preloaded is a joke. Even with XP it complains my swapfile is too small and has to resize it. Which is what my Mini 9 does all the time.

For a refresh, Dell should increase the RAM to 2gb (and have a long talk with Microsoft about their HW limits for a license for Windows on a netbook), use a faster HDD, and put a decent pair of stereo speakers in here rather than the mono P.O.S. that's in here.

Other than that, pretty happy so far. My Mini 9 was just too small for me. I upped it to 2gb of RAM, but the 16gb SSD was too small. When prices come down and capacities go up, I'll upgrade the 9.

I might try putting Ubuntu on the 9 to play with it.
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