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Default Need Help with Mini 12 Setup - 02-03-2009, 05:57 AM

Well, I have decided to join the Netbook phase as I will be taking alot of trips here toward the end of school.... Here is what I thoght would be good, but first I have a few questions...
1. Can I upgrade to 2gb of RAM on the Mini 12?
2. What is the Barrter life with wireless off and on a 6 cell battery?
3. Would it be worth it to get it with vista?
4. What is a good CD drive?
5. What is a good case?
6. Will this be good for itunes, Movie watching off of a hard drive, Youtube (without lagging alot), myspace, IM, forums, Word Processing, browsing the net, music, photos? Just a good little entertainment computer?
7. So basically would this be smart for me to get it since I will be using:
Some Word, not alot
to tide me over for a year or two
To watch movies, listen to mucic, go on youtube, myspace, internet, picture uplopads, messing around, and just regular internet use?
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Default Re: Need Help with Mini 12 Setup - 02-05-2009, 01:35 AM

1. No its soldered onto a daughterboard with the CPU
2. with wifi on and a 3 cell you get 3 hours tops, im tipping with wifi off on a 6 cell, you could almost double that, but i dunno we dont getthe 6 cell in Aus.
3. NO, NO and more NO, XP or linux are your only options if you want it to function.
4. CD drives are CD drives these days, theres a slimline LG one people seem to love, cant remember the model.
6. itunes runs fine, speakers are quiet, so you will need external or headphones. Youtube is fine, only HD vids lag online but are fine offline, myspace is fine, IM is fine, All office apps run fine (running Office 2003 on mine), net is fine, music and photos all fine. plays 720p HD video fine also, so yes good for all that.
7. All of that is exactly what my wife uses hers for, and it is perfect, no slowdon, no issues...on XP, on vista there were lots of issues, but XP its smooth as silk.

Good luck!
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