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Default Is the CPU faster when its plugged in? - 01-15-2009, 10:54 PM

I've just been looking at the cpu maximum frequency in the resource monitor. It seems to drop to 50% whether plugged in or not. However, if you run applications when unplugged the cpu maximum frequency seems to max out at around 65%. When repeated when plugged in the cpu max frequency seems to go all the way to 100%.

I'm guessing that this may be some sort of power saving feature, but does it also mean that I can't get full performance when on the road... is there any way to change the settings? Or am I just mis-interpretting the meaning of the read out in the resource monitor?
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Default Re: Is the CPU faster when its plugged in? - 01-16-2009, 04:48 AM

The Atom processors use the same power saving technology as all of the mobile centrino chips...

In this particular case the Atom uses scaling performance from 800MHz to 1.6GHz so when mobile, you may find you are only using 800mhz or so, whereas when on power it probably sits on 1.6 the whole time...

Normally you can change your power scheme to home office or performance or something like that to force cpu speed on, but it will chew the battery a lot faster.
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