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Default Want to clone/Backup HD - OS is Win7 Ultimate - 11-14-2009, 09:45 PM

Is there any available DOS/Linux USB utiliy I can copy to my thumb drive so that I can Image/CLONE the entire disk?

I already have a 32M Bootable Dos utility that I created from intel for recovering failed BIOS upgrade? So I was thinking of using it if possible.
I have deleted all the dell recovery/utility partition on my mini 12 to gain more storage.

Thank you again.
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Default 11-14-2009, 11:37 PM

Any Linux/Unix/OSX system (including LiveCDs) will have the tools to create a perfect backup image of an entire hard drive (partition table, bootloaders, filesystems, everything).

With a recent Ubuntu LiveCD:
"sudo if=/dev/sda bs=1M | gzip > drive.img.gz" in a terminal will generate a complete image of the first hard drive (/dev/sda)*, compress it, and save it to a file named "drive.img.gz" in the current directory. It will be many GB.

To restore the image, boot off the same CD, then:
"< drive.img.gz gunzip | sudo dd of=/dev/sda bs=1M"
Be aware, this command will obliterate any data on the drive, replacing it with the drive image.

SystemRescueCD is a Linux LiveCD filled with software for imaging drives, restoring drive images, etc. But it's not necessary. A standard Linux LiveCD will work fine.

* There are other, potentially better ways to specify the device to be imaged, but /dev/sda is the simplest on a laptop with a single hard drive booting off an external device.

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