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Default Dell Mini 12 does not detect wireless in XP - Weird - 09-21-2009, 02:11 PM

OK.. I confess this is not a typical wireless problem. I am a tech support person and have never seen an issue like this.. My company bought me Dell mini 12 with Windows xp home. It has broadcom wireless card. This laptop connects fine at home (netgear router, password ON).. My work place however has different settings when it comes to wireless.It is a MAC filtered network (Cisco 1800 series switch and Ethernet swith D-Link DES-1105). SSID is being broadcasted(all my colleagues are seeing it!), My mac address has been added correctly. It is broadcasting on Channel 11(b/g). Everything is correct from their end. My computer however does not even detect the network. I have done the following homework before posting this:
1. Called Dell support - They checked all my settings and they said nothing wrong with my computer- "If laptop can see the network at home then it should connect fine at work. It is not a fault on our end"
2. Updated all the drivers including bios driver
3. Did manual SSID configuration using WZC - Set it up to connect even if SSID is not broadcasting
4. No firewall is blocking the connection. No virus or spyware
5. Checked with IT department and made sure my Mac address is correctly added
6. Bought an external wireless adapter. Even that fails to see the network. I sit about 10 feet from the router. No network detected
7. All my settings are set to automatic (TCP/IP, DNS detect etc). Even tried to manually set the ip and dns settings. Again, failed to see the network.
8.Reinstalled all my drivers (wireless and bios)
9. Uninstalled any third party wireless management utilities and let windows configure my wireless. I did the opposite too.
10. Windows updates all up to date

I am at the verge of breaking my dell. I need expert advise please. I do not know what else I can do.. Even if the network is Mac filtered, it should atleast SEE the network. This piece of s*** does not even detect it. Any advise would be helpful. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
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Default 09-22-2009, 03:48 AM

Not sure why ur own wifi card isnt detecting, but for teh external one you tried, did you add its mac to the router - the mac is on teh wireless card not the pc, so if u didnt add the second mac it wouldnt detect network.

If you did add the second mac, then id say its something in teh way the router has been setup - the fact it works at home tells me your mini is setup fine (look at that im agreeing with dell :S).

some corporate networks require domain accoutn authentiucation, some use certificates etc...also have you compared your netowrk settings side by side to a working laptop at the office? its not something as simple as youve fixed an IP for home that is outside the range of your work lan?

sorry jsut brainstorming...
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dell mini 12, mac filtered, wireless issue, xp home

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